Austin L.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
Great Beginner English Blend
I normally do not leave reviews for things. But I thought I would on this one as most of the reviews seem to be from more experienced smokers and a beginner like myself may be unsure about this blend. PULL THE TRIGGER. I just took up the pipe about a month ago and have been trying different brands and blends. I had stuck to mostly aromatics but wanted to try an English blend. I chose this honestly for its name as I am a professor myself. This is an incredible blend that provided a far better taste than I thought it would. Do not let the "smoked" smell from the bag fool you. There is an overall taste of mellow leather and a spice that keeps you wanting to try it again. I have a feeling this will become my go-to for an everyday, mellow/relaxation smoke. Will probably help while grading essays as well.

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