Scott L.

Mac Baren - Black Ambrosia 3.5oz
A great sweet smoke
A friend who is is also a customer here gave me a tin of this, i normally dont smoke black cavendish by itself, the last time i did were in my younger days when i smoked strictly over the counter blends , i still have nightmares invoving Argosy black and borkum riff, this blend is entirely different its blended and cased in such a way that it delivers a cool flavorful smoke with many subtle nuances

Lane Limited - 1-Q
great old standy
This Blend is like a dear old friend I started smoking this sometime in the mid 90s , when i was visiting a friend and he was smoking this in a Peterson 306 sitter, he gave me a basket pipe and a baggie of 1Q to get started the next day i went and purchased a pound of this and a new Peterson, many years later 1Q still is my most smoked blend . thanks 1Q for years of memories

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