Matthew V.

Mac Baren - HH Rustica Ready Rubbed
A bad experience.
The flavor of this tobacco is quite nice, unfortunately I could not keep the bowl lit long enough to enjoy more than perhaps a minute of smoking. Perhaps it is my pipe or my packing technique but even after pulling all of the tobacco out of the pipe and repacking with great care the tobacco refused to be smoked.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
A solid staple.
The 1-q is a tasty smoke with a wonderful room note that any beginner or veteran can pick up and enjoy. Unlike some other tobaccos, this will not really evolve over the span of smoking and the flavor lacks a certain complexity and depth that some enjoy in their tobacco. Easy to smoke and leaves a nice room notes for housemates and spouses, take it for what it is. I find that most smokers will have some laying around.

Plasencia - Alma Fuerte 1865 Robustus I
Uncharacteristically bad.
This cigar just did not do it for me. The overwhelming flavor of this cigar, throughout the entire smoke tasted to me like pool chlorine in a way I struggle to put into words. The flavor in my mouth that was left after I was done smoking the cigar was pleasant and completely different from the flavor I had from the cigar itself. Perhaps this was a one off, but I would wholeheartedly recommend any other offering from this brand, as the rest are stellar examples of the craft.

Plasencia - Alma del Fuego Candente
A unique smoke
I've smoked cigars for quite some years and have never found a smoke quite like this. The flavor is strong and earthy, with a powerful flavor that reminds me of pleasantly spicy food. Certainly will keep some around.

Plasencia - Reserva Original Robusto
Humidor staple
This cigar has been one of my favorites for several years, and I'm very happy to see smokingpipes add it to the shop. Creamy with nutty and wood notes, and perhaps some fruit on the back end; enough complexity to remain entertained throughout the whole smoke, but simple enough to enjoy while driving or talking. This is a must-have for anyone that has a taste for medium to light bodies cigars. It's a go to cigar for my own smokes, as well as gifts to both new and seasoned cigar smokers.

Alma del Fuego Flama

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Reserva Original Robusto

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