John J.

Warped - The Red Hunt 2oz
I took a chance on this blend and I'm glad I did. A smooth smoke from begging to end. I was worried it would be a hot smoke but I was wrong. I don't k own about anyone else but would love to see this tobacco sold in bulk. This could easily be an every day smoke for me.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Kentucky Vintage Cut
Great Smoke
This is a wonderful smoke, very cool so no tongue bite. I was curious to try this as I have only had 1 other Kentucky tobacco. This is much better than I expected, Its full bodied but soft Nic hit wasnt to bad for me but it is fairly sting. I would recommend a full stomach and mid to later in the day. If you like to try new tobacco's I would recommend it. My normal every day is OJK, Haunted Bookshop, and Billy Budd(yes that one is an oddball). This one will be my number 4 to my normal smokes.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 8oz
Very Good
New pipe smoker here looking for my rotation tobacoo's. I have found that I like more than just a single type of blend, it depends on my mood. I tend to like english cavendish and burly types the most. I stray away from aromatics. I find that this blend is my favorite in the english family by far, and I have tried quite a few. They all are nice blends but are just not something that you could smoke all day long. They are a cold rainy day single bowl. That said when I cracked open this tin I knew it was different. The tin note was slightly softer than I expected. I wasnt overpowered by one of the tobacco's or another, it was a nice melding of all of them. I had to spend time picking out the different aroma's, it took some time to do so. After the first bowl I had to load up another it was that good, I needed to experience all the wonderful flavors, to try and taste all that was going on. This is a very complex tobacco with amazing flavors. This blend is, dare I say it, perfect. Of course It is perfect if this is the kind of blend you prefer. This will be in my rotation no doubt, it will be one of the primary daily's. This is the second blend I have found in my exploration in finding the perfect blends for me.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Wasn't an Instant Love
I tried this based on several reviews online. My first and secont bowls didn't impress me. I didnt know if I liked this tobacco. I sat it aside and moved on to other tobacco's for a bit but came back to it and discovered that I did infact like Haunted Bookshop. I had to try other tobacco's to figure out how much I enjoy it. I do have another review out here which was my original thoughts but I will be ordering more of this very soon. The key to this is packing it good and sipping it, you will find the flavors very enjoyable. I guess you will either like it or hate it. I am not sure there is anything in between. Give it a try, if your not sure sit it aside and come back to it later with some coffee I love, I am sure this will become my daily smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Not for me, Then again.
New pipe smoker here heard rave review about Haunted Bookshop so I thought I would give it a go. I have smoked 2 bowls with the same results, tastes like ash with some perique on top then about halfway through the bowl u get just a touch of earthy nuttiness. But then by the time I'm to a quarter of a bowl it's back to the ash flavor again. Definitely a tin note of Camel cigarettes and the wife asked if I had smoked some of those. I will try it again after I have aged it a little. It could just need some time to mature...maybe? I tend to like English blends and Virginia blends more but I do have a few burlys in my celler as well. I do like a variety in flavors. But I am not a fan of ash... So as an update I have spent a little time on my smoking technique and that was most of my issue with this tobacco. I am still working on my technique but I kept coming back to this tobacco, wasnt sure why. But I purchased a pound of it and have been giving it a go as a daily smoke. I must say that I am glad I did. I have been enjoying it. It will be a primary in my pipe, but I am still looking for that tobacco that I read people talking about. that one perfect tobacco. I dont know maybe this is it. But I keep trying different tins and pouches of things making sure I am not missing anything. I have rerated this to a 4.5 up from a 1 I admit I made a mistake, a pretty big one.

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Bayou Morning

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The Red Hunt 2oz

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Haunted Bookshop

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