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Sutliff - Creme Brulee
Dessert in a pipe
Pretty wet and goopy so make sure you dry it well, it tastes great exactly like it's namesake. Compared to the Vanilla custard from Sutliff this is sweeter and a little more buttery. I think this is good for a little bit because it's just so strong, and the vanilla is good all the time. The tin note is strong and a little overpowering in my opinion, but if you like it, there is no doubt you will get flavor and aroma in spades. If you let it dry well it should be an easier burn and smoke.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
A Classic
Where LL 1Q is vanilla ice cream, RLP-6 is chocolate. Tastes good and smells great, it's a delicious aromatic. While very similar to CBW, they're not quite the same. To be honest I do give the edge to CBW because I find CBW to be less spicy and a little sweeter. But give it a shot yourself and compare the two.

Captain Black - Original 12oz
It's an OG
What can you say about CBW? Smells great, tastes pretty good and you can get it anywhere. It's not my go to but there is something very comforting about knowing no matter where you go you can find something that is pleasantly smokable. VS LL RLP-6 I give CBW the edge. Yes they are very close,, but a little different. It's a little sweeter and less peppery which I like. I like to keep some handy for a change of pace.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Sweet Tooth Dream
This is a great aromatic tobbaco. I'd say this is easy my favorite. It's light, flavorful, smells great, tastes great and smokes well. I tried this and the Creme Brule also from Sutliff and I reordered this one. Vs the Creme Brule the vanilla custard is overall just a more even flavor for me, obviously your mileage may very. But if you're looking for a dessert tobacco that can be a breakfast, lunch and dinner smoke too, definitely try this one.

Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation 4 Pipe Combo Pouch Black
This is the most amazing traveler I have ever seen. Great quality, plenty of room for 4 pipes, nice tobacco pouch, and a place to store extras and a pipe tool. If you smoke a pipe and you're going somewhere, bring this. It's about the size of a small notebook or a medium sized day planner. Looks great, very smart.

Tobacco Jars - 2-Liter CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
Holds a pound of tobbaco easily, seals tight and stacks well. Can't really go wrong.

Tobacco Jars - Small CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
It's small
Like it says, it's small. If you know how big one of those humidification pouches is, take a look at the picture. You can pack it pretty full though so it's a great supplement to your tobacco pouch on a trip.

Lane Limited - BL/WB
What's in a name?
The name says it all, Burly light without the bite. It Is smooth and flavorful. Great room note and quality all Burley blend. Great aroma and initial flavor on lighting. I can see why some think it could be cloyingly sweet. I don't have that challenge with it, though maybe not an all day smoke.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
Put a Little English On It
This is a Latakia smokey English, no doubt. So be ready! The tin note is strong camp fire and tobacco. Smooth burning and tasting and if you're a fan of English blends,well there is a reason Peterson took it over from Dunhill rather than letting it die.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Quintessential Aromatic
What can you say about 1Q that hasn't been said? It smells great, tastes good and overall is a good Aromatic. There are better aromatics around, but for the price and the availability 1Q is a number one seller for a reason. The room note smells like fond memories and with low strength and a mild taste it's easy to smoke all day. Just be sure to pack it lighter and dryer than you think so you don't melt your tongue.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
A Great Navy Flake
Smells great and tastes great this Verginia Perique is a winner. It's subtly sweet and bready with a nice flavor and is an easy smoke. If you don't know what to try you should try this, and keep some handy at all times. It can easily become a "go to" tobacco.

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