Jeff T.

Granger - Granger 7oz
I just purchased this and received it 2 weeks ago. I overlooked this tobacco for a long time. Recently while reading up on codger blends, Granger came up again and had very pleasant reviews. Let me get this out of the way, I love burley tobacco. If you don’t like burley, stay away because this is Burley! It was oddly familiar and comforting when firing up my first bowl. How could it me familiar without ever having smoked it? It’s warm and inviting, The burley is nutty, mild cocoa, hearty, and lightly sweet. The anise topping provides some sweetness but by no means does it give off a licorice flavor. A lot of folks compare this to PA, but I beg to differ. Yes it’s burley, yes it has a good flavor, and yes their is a mild sweetness, but Granger is better. There I said it. It’s flavor is more full bodied and deeper. Granger is smooth, without even the slightest bit of harshness. PA to me is harsh and it took me a long time to be able to appreciate it. Granger was enjoyable at first light. Nicotine is mild, flavor is medium, enjoyment is high. If your looking for a no fuss, comforting bowl of burley that you could smoke all day, this is it. I have been smoking Sir Walter Raleigh every morning with my coffee for 2 years now. Granger just took that spot. Sure there are better tobaccos out there. This isn’t Solani Aged Burley Flake, nor is is some other overhyped blend that you overpay for. Granger is priced affordable, tastes great, burns down to ash with just barely any dottle, smokes very smooth with zero bite. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s been around for as long as it has. If the customer service department reads these reviews (I doubt it), you should know that these 8oz cans stink. Mine popped the seal in shipping and spilled tobacco all over inside the box. Luckily I ordered a lot and the other tins held everything in place so I only lost about a 1/4 ounce, but maybe a little cellophane or something could prevent this.

Peterson - De Luxe Mixture 50g
Crunchy dry
I just received a tin 2 weeks ago. Upon opening I was met with a delicious aroma of nuts and vanilla. I couldn’t wait to try it. That’s where the excitement stopped. The tobacco was crispy dry. I put it in a mason jar for a week and a half with a hydration disk and it didn’t help. I fired up a bowl this morning and the tobacco crunched and broke as I packed it. To a match like dried out kindling. Slowly puffing I could tell that the toppings were very good and if this was fresh and properly hydrated, it would probably be delicious. I do like to dry my tobaccos and smoke them on the dry side, but this too much. It burns too fast and a bit too hot to be enjoyable. The tin had that proper vacuum seal pop upon opening so I’m not sure if this was a bad batch, or if it was improperly sealed, or sat in the Arizona sun for 20 years, but it’s not smokable as is.

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