Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown
Good virginia
It feels like a classic virginia smoke. Sweet and toasty. Citrus, hay, earth notes are delicious.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
Theres always one..
Why does it smell like smoked oysters? Smokes alright though. *Update* So I tried again to enjoy this blend and it just isnt great, its not even that good at all. There are better mixtures and blends for a much better price out there, GLPease gaslamp being one, cobblestone king being another. Then Presbyterian, and Peterson balkan. Then C&D John Marr. The list sort of goes on and on but yeh. It just isnt for me. And it still smells like smoked oysters?? Maybe i have a bad batch?

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular 3.5oz
Yes sir..
Now this is just a really good aromatic. The flavor profile is fantastic. And i don't want to go into all the nuances of cocoa and vanilla that are present in this mixture, but the subtle sweetness followed by the nice nic hit is glorious. And it's suitable as an all day smoke, if you are SO inclined to have an "All Day Smoke". It will work out.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Ennerdale Flake 50g
A little too much.
Yes.. it's just a little too much for me. I bought two tins in hopes of really enjoying and experiencing the Lakeland (prestige / essence / insert noun here). But it's too strangely flavored. I can't put my finger on what is happening here exactly, but it didn't live up to the hype that distinguished the name. So i didn't enjoy it. But i'll say this, if it's all i had to smoke and i was stranded in the middle of nowhere, I would smoke the crap out of this. Also for me it takes quite a bit to prep for smoking, and I generally don't have the time for prepping. I need to pop a tin and stuff a pipe full of ribbon or rubbed out tobacco. And yes, you should designate a specific pipe to smoking this for sure. Either it be one you have for aromatics or one you have specifically for Ennerdale. Took me a week to vigorously smoke the heavy scent of it out of my old Savi. Then i got smart and switched it to a feather weight, something under 39 grams, and smoked a few more bowls out of that one. It wasn't too bad there. Anyways! Enjoy it however you want to, just ain't for me.

G. L. Pease - Lombard 2oz
Nothing Special here.. wait..
And thats not a bad thing! This is just a good smoke when you need a break from other blends that try too many different things. Im sure there are plenty of nuances to discover and figure out sure, but this is classical. A good standard smoking experience. *update* No, listen to me.. this is actually very good. Wow so good. It is perfectly and masterfully blended to suit my tastes. Its delicious, and real darn tastey. It has a wonderful spiciness and smooth creamy sweet flavor that keeps me coming back for more.

G. L. Pease - Fillmore 2oz
A good smoke.
Yes, this was a really good smoke. I was very happy the first time I popped the lid and that delicious VaPer aroma hit me. It's one of those moments where you know it's going to smoke nice. I am not a HUGE fan of broken flake, but it's fine. I would have prefer ribbon cut with this. The broken flake gives the tobacco a bit more of a rustic feel, which again is fine. The flavor profile is grand in the sense that it really hits the spot. I like this stuff.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Small Batch Jubilaeums Flake 3.5oz
So much to say about this. Im frankly quite disapointed with this purchase. When the package arrived, i opened the box immediately to find out that it wasnt sealed in any way. This made me curious. I dug a little further and come to find out, the flakes (which are nice and long) arent vacuum sealed at all. Infact they threw the tobacco in a zip lock baggy and called it good, then threw that baggy inside the burlap sack inside the box. Thanks. I didnt plan on smoking this right away but i guess i will. And i hate to jar up loose tobacco like this. I mean maybe im wrong, is this "humidor style box" suppose to keep the tobacco fresh ? Is it totally okay to cellar it this way? I dont this so, and jarring it up just isnt my preference to do so. So in my own way i cant give it 5 stars. I dont even want to give it 4 stars. It smokes just fine though. Nice citrus and hay notes out of the box. Smokes like a champion. Takes a little prep time to cut the flakes up, if you would like to do such a thing. But this is what I call a full flavor tobacco. Too bad about the box. Wont be buying another one of these "EXTREMELY LIMITED" quantity tobaccos, which surprisingly are still in stock. By the way, where is the serial number on this thing???? Did i miss it? Ohhh. Its printed on the box itself.. anyways...

Dan Tobacco - Midnight Ride 50g
Ive never smoke a tobacco and thought "wow this is a bit dry" until i smoked this. Its really hard to place my finger on it. And i dont mean that the tobacco is physically dry, or too moist and needs drying time. No. I mean its like a dry beer "dry". Like asahi or something. It tastes dry. Its not a bad smoke either, just not one im reaching for all day.

Robert Lewis - Wingfield Mixture 50g
This tobacco is real good. But it isnt for just everyone. Aro smoker probably wont like it. Its got a delicious flavor profile. A nice nic hit. And the room note clears em all out. I love it.

Former - Private Flake 50g
An aromatic? Really?
Uhh, you know.. its fine.. i have had better flake tobacco. Peterson Navy Flake being one. Or i just may be a complete fool, but, all these flavors and nuances arent coming around for me. Apple syrup and irish top flavor? Dear god where? I would love that! But i missed it. I even rubbed a flake out and yeah.. just not that impressed.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
Pleasantly good.
This is good. Quite good infact. Strangely enough though, my first bowl of it was about 6 months ago. My second bowl was the other day, all from the same tin, and the flavor profile changed a little? Feels like a different tobacco when dried out for the long. And the tin moisture has only reduced ever so slightly. Well anyway, the rum taste is beautiful, my god.

Cobblestone - Outdoors Fishing 1.75oz
Really good.
Well im no professional tobacco smoker nor do i own a real expensive pipe, but i do know what i like. This is a very good tobacco. Smokes easy, tastes delicious and has that amazing tin note that i like to call "raisin bran" pudding. You could almost eat it. So there you go, my unprofessional noble opinion. Also.. got a great flavor profile.

Dan Tobacco - Black Velvet 50g
Nice aro
I would consider this to be a top shelf aromatic. Plenty to consider here while smoking and picking out the flavors in its profile. Quite rich and heady.

McConnell - Scottish Blend 50g
Just right. It's a rather smooth mix and i would consider it to be an all day blend for sure. The flavor profile has a certain bold antique feeling. Too bad it's always out of stock here.

Mac Baren - HH Balkan Blend 1.75oz
Why yes.. this indeed hit the spot. By far, the best tasting tobacco i have had in a while. Just the way it smokes is rather amazing. The mix of tobaccos were thoughtfully considered. Its just really good. Sip it or smoke roughly. It performs!

Holger Danske - Black and Bourbon 50g
Just Fine.
Quite good. This is a rather decent smoke, and i character the flavor profile as being hardy and rich. Always a fan of bourbon or whiskey flavors though, so this wasn't hard to like or enjoy. For the price, it's an acceptable purchase. Go on then and have a try. For me this is not an all day smoke. It's good for when you want something different than your normal rotation.

Cobblestone - Chess King 1.75oz
Right on target.
Perfectly done. If your looking for a good smoke that is hands down quality, then this is for you. When i popped the tin, i knew it was going to be good. You literally cant go wrong here with this.

Wessex - English Mixture 1.5oz
What The.... seriously??
Look. I mean... who is smoking this stuff?? Dear god. When i first popped the tin i was very excited to allow my sense of smell to bask in what this was all about. No reviews going into it so what the hay. Upon first whiff of the tin note.. I mean... look i can really only characterize the scent by saying it smelled like an unrefined petroleum-based byproduct. Unbelievable. I had to keep going back to it weeks later to make sure i was smelling it correctly, or that the pungent gas pump fuel smell would vaporize off! It hasnt! I still havent smoked this and its been a while since i bought it. Im a bit afriad to pack this into my pipe. And the texture of the tobacco inside the tin reminds me of industrial machine crud! Who is smoking this??? Is this suppose to be what it smells like. I cannot imagine this to be a satisfying smoke. And for safety reasons i wont smoke it. Also this was NOT a ribbon cut, it was an unpleasant looking cake. As if i opened up a tin of plum pudding but recieved toxic waste instead.

Chacom - #1 50g
Perfect. This is where its at. And you aint gettin blown away by latakia.

Sutliff - Blend No. 5 1.5oz
This is fine. It has some depth and a good flavor, but i wouldnt say its exceptional by any means. Its certainly better than some english blends for me. I think the price point here makes up for its lack in unique character. Maybe it will grow on me later though. This is strictly my opinion of course, as everyone has their own.

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Just what i was looking for. Smoked that tin exclusively and it lasted a week. Will be buying again. Woops already did.

Sillem's - Musketeer 50g
Really good
Now this is my first review here and ill say that this is a fine aromatic. It didnt dissapoint me when i wanted something sweet. Packing the bowl was a unique experience since this contains cube cut burley. All in all it was good for the price and i would buy again.

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