Rattray's - Red Rapparee 100g
Age serves it well
Acquired 2 tins 10/20/21 and cellared them cuz i like english blends and hadn't tried this one yet. Was just looking recently and saw this was back in stock and thought well here's that "once in a blue moon" day but, couldn't really justify buying any more of it this very second. I hadn't even tried it Yet! Wasn't planning on opening any either until i don't know when, especially due to the rarity but, probably on some special day? Then October 22, 2022 rolls around and this day just went to shit. Lmao. At the end of this day that life made sure that i thoroughly enjoyed, i said screw it, cracked that damn tin, packed my Bing Savvy and had one of those sublime moments (that lasted 55 minutes btw), everything that i've been told, including the reviews of this blend i've read over the years of how good this is, Man! It's God's honest truth. Is this the end all be all? No. No blend is. Cuz that would mean you only smoke the one blend that nothing else can satisfy your craving to smoke? Get Out. Yer just gonna go and smoke another blend anyway. My point, i haven't tried this fresh, cuz i just chucked it in the cellar for a year and sort of forgot about it but, Listen! That's about all the time this blend needs. Now i've smoked a couple of bowls consistently out of the same pipe, and every time is grand! A sweet (but not too sweet) and savory English/Scottish blend with all the nuances that have been well stated and embellished by a legion of well seasoned pipe smokers over again. I can concur. Satisfies all the points i was looking for. Life is short and sometimes it likes to show you everything that can happen in a day including get you to smoke a beautiful blend that you've had cellared for over a year at the end of it all. Hey we all know what this cellaring business is all about ok? But at the same time, don't wait too long fellas, enjoy it while you can!

Peterson - Flake 50g
never fails
You know, forget smelling, its like they can Feel when Non-Hoarder blood is buying premium tobacco. My 1st tin, come back, its out of stock. In similar thoughts, you remember that time Luke was on the death star and Lord Palpatine was sitting there with Luke's lightsaber beside him, taunting him, saying, "You want this, Don't you?" The Empire may always be striking back but, "May the Flake be with You". Buy enough of what you need fellas but never weigh yourselves down with things you can't take with you. But, enough of my sordid soliloquy, this is one of the Finest virginia flakes made. No arguements. Smooth, bready, sweet, all the nuances, with absolutely no bite. Delicious and satisfying. Enjoy!

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