Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Fathers, Friends & Fire Batch 002 Virginia Perique Flake 2oz
WOW! Droppin Those Hits!
Maybe its just me, I probably wasn't paying attention but, I had no clue this was coming. I saw the ad and watched Shane for a minute, just to make sure this wasn't some fruity, aromatic tartbomb with only subtle notes of burley and perique. I took a BIG risk and bought 10 tins and boy am I glad I did! Oohohooo man! Yeeupp! Outstanding this flake is! I mean absolutey delicious! I couldn't get enough after finishing a bowl. This stuff IS the stuff of legends! I know I'm being over ther top right now and Any guy who likes, loves or is a burlaholic is going ta lovingly adore this blend! Upon tin opening, it's boozey! Smells like some kind of whiskey. I don't mind, i love whisky! Keep in mind alcoholic toppings like this are going to fade away and can meld or add in a very subtle way, a very mature and piquant note or nuance to a blend. Especially if it's an Exceptional blend, such as this one. This is another blend that smokes well in a smallishto medium sized chamber. Char light is smoky, burnt sugar. Tamped and settled is smooth and a little sweet and the flavors of a really well done vapbur start to unfold. My Lord, is this guud! The Vas are there and are deep and bready but are probably being subdued a bit by the black cavendish or maybe the other way around even, depending on the Vas used but, I'll tell ya what's not being subdued, is the burley and perique!Dark, Rich, Burnt Chocalate burley that reaches cigar notes at times throughout the smoke. The perique is smooth, rich, with some pep, not a lot, but its there, and it's Pungent! I'd say the dominant players here are the dark burley and the perique and the way those two are playing with everything else in this blend, you'd of thought you were sitting court-side back in the 80's watching Bird and Jordan battle it out in one of the most unforgettable games in history! That's taking it a step further but, I assure you, the quality of leaf in this blend and the component ratios were done with Championship Smoke written all over it! MANIFIQUE!!! Yeah yeah ok, maybe your put off by the thought of the black cavendish and maybe they could've done without it but, then Would this be the same great Championship Smoke that i'm ranting and raving about? The other thing ya gotta think about is, this IS an Erik Stokkebye blend so, is it European black cav or American black cav? Cuz if it's Euro black cav it would make sense being it's an Erik Stokkebye blend. We know the American cav is burley and would only smooth out a blend adding only dark undertones and not much complexity, Unless done right of course and Ingeniously I might add. The Euro is a stoved Va with deep, rich burnt caramel notes that retains its virginia calling card with a bright bready, grassy, and with just enough tang on the end of it. I might also add this blend burns so even and smooth all the way down with very little moisture left in the bowl. Man this made my night! Shoot it's gonna make my days as long as I have some around to smoke! Stokkebye and C&D have just made a triple double if you ask me, and are MVPs in the tobacco game! You have to admit it! Or don't but, for the more experienced more well-rounded smokers who have a Wide appreciation for all genres and types of leaf, even though they may have their favored leaf, will know there is something very special here. I commend both companys for putting out such a rich, comforting and delectibly delicious smoke in this Batch 002! You guys got it right! I have to go and watch my pockets now as I have yet again another unepected expense on my excel sheet;). I am definately enjoying heartily, what these two companies were going for in this blend and i can imagine how this will age because of what this beautiful perique will do to the other quality components in this blend. I love me some vapburs! BIG Thanks to Erik Stokkebye and C&D for bringing forth another delicious and complex comfort blend to add to our rotations and restoring faith in the tobacco world in a time where quality blends are constantly getting the ax for no good reason. Your business is much appreciated! And a big thanks to Smoking Pipes for bringing it home!

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Fathers, Friends & Fire Batch 001 Virginia Oriental Flake 2oz
A Pleasant Surprise
Upon tin opening, there's an immediate familiar scent of Sun Bear. On top, there's this smell of something banana-like. Does it translate through the smoke? Maybe, maybe not. I have to smoke more of this to get the flavors down but, this is just my initial thoughts. This particular blend came a bit moist so I let this sit out for around 40 minutes;not the portion i was smoking but I just left the tin open for around an hour before packing up the Savvy(This blend smokes very well in a medium to smallish sized bowl). Char light was sweet and burnt, then tamped and settled the flavors were bright, floral, (think past iterations of Sun Bear plus something new on its own) then bready and sour and creamy. Being this is a "collab", I wonder if and what portion of this is Sytokkebyes or if its just his branding on there and its all C&D tobacco but, I do like both companys a lot and I've had a lot of C&D tobacco of which i'm very familiar with, and I've had quite a few of the Erik Stokkebye blends but, it would be great if I knew what tobaccos Erik's thrown in there beside C&D, as this is a "collab" and like I said, I do like quite a few of the 4th Gen. blends. As I smoked through a bowl I found myself throwing nods here and there, knowing there was something different about this smoke. I like this blend a lot and if I wasn't a Burlaholic and I only smoked Straight Va's or Va blends without burley, I would stock up on this. This is Definately a winner in My book! Although, the winner in your book might not be this. Different strokes for different folks. I only purchased one tin and will continue to enjoy it thoroughly til the end but I probably won't buy anymore as I've still got a few tins of Sun Bear left. No need to over do it. I'd rather strock up on stuff I know for sure I'll get around to smoking. Again, this was a great smoke by two of the best companys around and i'm glad they got together again to put something soothing and flavorful in our pipes. Great job Erik Stokkebye and C&D!! And thanks Smoking Pipes for bringing it home!

Cornell & Diehl - Anthology 2023 2oz
Ok just got a hold of a few tins and cracked one and was expecting maybe Carolina RedFlake w/Perique without the perique. Nope! Immediately I notice the difference in just the tin note alone. A lot sharper, tangier even and deeper,richer, fruitier notes than CRF w/perique had. CRF w/Perique was way more mellow but also didnt have all the same components that Anthology has this go around. Man! Yeah! Age is definitely going to exemplify the greatness that is fresh out of the tin today years down the road. Glad i got a few tins of this.I was going to pass on it till i realized its all reds this year. If anything could be close to or better than CRF '22, This IS IT!Thank you to Jeremy Reeves and C&D and all the farmers and people who worked hard to bring us this aboslutely beautiful blend to bring into the new year with! And of course a big thank you to Smoking Pipes as well for always bringing the goods. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and to all a good smoke!

Cornell & Diehl - Anthology 2023 2oz
Here We Go Again!
Get Ready! Get Set! Go!

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
Well now?!!
look who decided to drop in this morning. Unexpected! 6am getting ready for work opened my email and i scroll pass this. Thanks Jeremy! Thanks for interrupting my original tobacco purchasing plans to now buy all that i can of this in one day. Preciate it. This is great. But seriously, this is probably going to be really good! and bad for other reasons. I seriously was thinking that maybe this year they were going to skip doing this because of all the other drops they just made. shows you how much i know. It's scary , coincidently, 2 nights before last i was looking for something to smoke and reached for a jar of CRF '22, popped it, ahhhhh punggent!! mixed it with a little aged burley i had, man the flavors after a year in that jar and the aroma like i said. Yeah that '22 done did it. Anyway, just funny to think that happened and then this. I ain't B.S.'n either. Its not like they came with a warning well before hand. They literally shot emails at people while they were gettin ready to go to sleep and then dropped a load on us while we were sleeping and then threw the video at us right after! i mean thats what it feels like. I mean I'm grateful, i love ya jeremy but, maybe next time lemme know a week in advance before you come kickin my door in. i know you need money i need money too. and your tobaccas delicious. and now i'm broke and i still gotta go more broke left! Anyway, 3 stars for bringing back a delicious well known blend, a 4th star for my confidence that its gonna be great, and hopefully after i get my tin and smoke it it'll be 5 stars like CRF last year was. Thank you to all!

Rattray's - Red Rapparee 100g
Age serves it well
Acquired 2 tins 10/20/21 and cellared them cuz i like english blends and hadn't tried this one yet. Was just looking recently and saw this was back in stock and thought well here's that "once in a blue moon" day but, couldn't really justify buying any more of it this very second. I hadn't even tried it Yet! Wasn't planning on opening any either until i don't know when, especially due to the rarity but, probably on some special day? Then October 22, 2022 rolls around and this day just went to shit. Lmao. At the end of this day that life made sure that i thoroughly enjoyed, i said screw it, cracked that damn tin, packed my Bing Savvy and had one of those sublime moments (that lasted 55 minutes btw), everything that i've been told, including the reviews of this blend i've read over the years of how good this is, Man! It's God's honest truth. Is this the end all be all? No. No blend is. Cuz that would mean you only smoke the one blend that nothing else can satisfy your craving to smoke? Get Out. Yer just gonna go and smoke another blend anyway. My point, i haven't tried this fresh, cuz i just chucked it in the cellar for a year and sort of forgot about it but, Listen! That's about all the time this blend needs. Now i've smoked a couple of bowls consistently out of the same pipe, and every time is grand! A sweet (but not too sweet) and savory English/Scottish blend with all the nuances that have been well stated and embellished by a legion of well seasoned pipe smokers over again. I can concur. Satisfies all the points i was looking for. Life is short and sometimes it likes to show you everything that can happen in a day including get you to smoke a beautiful blend that you've had cellared for over a year at the end of it all. Hey we all know what this cellaring business is all about ok? But at the same time, don't wait too long fellas, enjoy it while you can!

Peterson - Flake 50g
never fails
You know, forget smelling, its like they can Feel when Non-Hoarder blood is buying premium tobacco. My 1st tin, come back, its out of stock. In similar thoughts, you remember that time Luke was on the death star and Lord Palpatine was sitting there with Luke's lightsaber beside him, taunting him, saying, "You want this, Don't you?" The Empire may always be striking back but, "May the Flake be with You". Buy enough of what you need fellas but never weigh yourselves down with things you can't take with you. But, enough of my sordid soliloquy, this is one of the Finest virginia flakes made. No arguements. Smooth, bready, sweet, all the nuances, with absolutely no bite. Delicious and satisfying. Enjoy!

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