James D.

Erinmore - Erinmore Mixture 100g
Reviews seem off to me.
All the reviews here are older but I bought a tin of this somewhere (might have been here idk, i would wager I have tested more tobaccos in the last year than anyone not working in the industry and probably more different brands than anyone period in the last year. I have hundreds of tins I have bought this year and I just vacuum seal any that I didnt take a liking to and will run back through them later on). Anyway this is probably one of my favorite light aromatics, its not topped heavily at all and is very mellow. All the reviews previous are from 2017 and 18, potentially was a bad year for them or maybe I am just weird. Just to know what I smoke most to compare tastes. Stokkebye has several I like. 1897 1957 my favorite two. Then early morning smoke as well. Cao Eileens Dream is probably the best chocolate-ish aromatic (typical chocolates are pretty bad imo) Autumn Evening by CD is the best heavy aromatic (maple) and Nutty Irishman is a close runner up for that. Lane BLWB, Burley and Black, and Light Burley are the bulks I buy locally when I buy. Burleys are my preference (though this erinmore blend is not heavy on burley at all, its mostly bright virginias, probably 75% virginia. I have about 20 others that I smoke fairly regularly right now but the above is my preferred taste and this Erinmore blend might be the most different from my typical smokes but its making up about 20% of my bowls I load lately. Hope this review influences people to give a shot at this blend. I bought a couple more tins today just to set aside. (I buy as if the worlds ending soon and I need a 40 year supply haha)

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