Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive 2oz
Good, but not my cup of tea.
Like every C&D blend I’ve tried, I like this one too. Probably my least favorite of theirs so far, however. I think that I’ll stick to the 25% Perique (Bayou Morning). I’m glad that they offer this 50% blend. Think I’ll be trying to blend it with some other tobaccos.

Cornell & Diehl - Habana Daydream 2oz
Very good
This is a very good blend with the tastes that you would expect, and some that you wouldn’t. I think that there may be a better cigar leaf blend out there, but you’ll still enjoy a bowl of this.

Savinelli - Juno 2oz
This is a surprisingly rich blend! Even the room note is rich. Possibly my new favorite straight Virginia.

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 2oz
New favorite?
If you like Bayou Morning, and you like Izmir, then you’re going to love this!

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Not strong, but still Outstanding
This blend really does taste of honey graham crackers all the way to the bottom. It isn’t as strong as most of the blends I smoke, so I often have to go a couple of days without smoking before I can fully enjoy it. When I do, it’s blissful. If someone told me that this was the only blend that I could smoke for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be totally depressed.

Lighters - Peterson Pipe Lighter Black
Get something with a tamper
It isn’t wind resistant, the flame adjustment is finicky, and there’s no tamper. Wish that I had spent $40 more for something with a tamper. The good: it doesn’t leak like cheaper pipe lighters, and it looks nice. The bad: in terms of functionality, the only advantage this has over Bic lighters is that it’s refillable.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
Smokey, nutty, slightly sweet and leathery
Just as the title says this is everything that you’d expect from the contents. Easily one of my favorites. Only thing is, don’t expect the kind of coins like you get from Escudo or Davidoff. It’s almost as though they pressed a bunch coins firmly into a cake, dried it out, and put the lid on the tin. Good luck if you want to separate them out. I just rubbed out the whole thing and put it in a jar.

Savinelli - Janus 2oz
A little disappointed too.
I entirely agree with Joaquin D’s review on this. He/she nailed it with “spicy pineapple.” Yet, I was hoping for a little more from the orientals as well. Falls just short of what it could have been. Still, it’s a fine blend! The Virginia, Perique, and orientals are all there. If you remember McClelland’s oriental blends, keep your expectations slightly low for this one, and then you might be delighted.

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Same ol’ EMP
Just as good as when Dunhill owned the blend. One of the essentials. Thank you, Peterson.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning Flake 2oz
Peppery Perique (Updated)
(Update: this has slowly become one of my favorite blends, and I even find myself craving it sometimes) If you’ve ever wondered what people mean by “peppery Perique,” this blend answers your question. I was a bit worried at first, as it smelled a lot like old fruit and leaves when I first opened it. Smoked good, and cleanly, to bottom in my Meerschaum, though. You could smoke just about anything after it without having affected your palate much. Maybe that’s what makes it a morning blend? Fine by me for a day’s first smoke. Probably won’t finish this can for some time, but I’m glad to have bought it!

Capstan - Flake Blue 1.75oz
Balkan smoker who loves this stuff
I had cellared a tin of this 6 years ago and pretty much forgot why I even ordered it. Now, I wasn’t expecting much, being primarily a Balkan and English blend smoker, but wow. I found myself asking, what is this relaxing, mellow, pleasant-smelling Virginia blend exactly? Looked it up and remembered that I only bought it because it was enjoyed by Tolkien. But let me tell you, I’m ordering some more. I just hope to find something that tastes about the same for a little less someday.

Juno 2oz

$16.40 $13.94

Three Nuns
Three Nuns 1.75oz

$26.45 $20.40

Early Morning Pipe 50g

$20.25 $13.99

Flake Blue 1.75oz

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