About Me:
I smoke so I can think. I like low nicotine blends having warm, sweet flavors without fruit.

Old German Clay - Tavern Belge (Black)
The reader’s pipe
This pipe has risen to the top of my list, more than any other. Based on the words for a churchwarden pipe it other languages, long pipes were developed to keep the bowl and its smoke away from the face as you looked down at a book. I love this pipe because it lets me browse my phone or tablet easily. It’s great for beginner pipe smokers because it’s forgiving; it can’t burn through. The black clay looks so unique compared to the white. If you are a black sheep type, this will make you stand out when smoking at a fair or festival. Tip: when you get yours, use an emory board or some superfine wet/dry sandpaper to make the mouthpiece very smooth.

Old German Clay - Flowing Fountain (Black)
My New Favorite
This has become my new favorite pipe. I love its modest ornamentation - classy without being gaudy or ostentatious. I love its bowl - sufficient without being a weighty commitment. Its length is comfortable and I've found myself holding it as I would a pencil, with the stem resting in the crook between my first and second fingers. One tip: use an emery board to smooth the mouth piece of any ruggedness from the molding so it feels even more comfortable on the lips.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
Warmth for Winter
I originally found this blend as "Chartwell" at Tinder Box when I was a smoking noob. I loved the warmth of the vanilla and it was all I smoked. Recently, I found that this is the source of that mark-up. Now in its unaltered blend, I love that it is free of berry flavors that would make it more like a parfait. This is warm and dark with vanilla and mapley sweetness that warms me through the winter. I indulge during the summer too.

D61-Vanilla Royale

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Z92 Vanilla Custard

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Lane Limited
Buttered Rum

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SPS-21 Black Vanilla

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Pumpkin Spice

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