Aaron W.

Missouri Meerschaum - The Dwarf Cobbit
Pure Fun
I love this pipe. It works and it's fun and easy. I put metal screens in my cobs to keep gunk out of the bottom.

Ashton - Guilty Pleasure 50g
Love this one
This is my favorite Ashton blend. I enjoy mild blends and this in my Top 10.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Dark Forest Cherry
Very reminiscent of dark forest trifle cherry cake I've had. Richest of the cherry blends I've tried. Wish I could find a similar vanilla-cherry.

CAO - Cherrybomb 50g
Cigar Smoker
As a cigar smoker I enjoyed this, but many pipe smokers don't. I think is better & smoother than Capt Black Cherry, but not as rich as Cult Blood Red Moon. It's similar but on not quite on par with C&D Cherry.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Cigar and Pipe Smoker
CAO is a familiar name in cigars. Eileens Dream is wonderfully light and creamy. I found in cigar form the heaviness of a cigar overpowered the light notes, but in a pipe it really shines. This is consistently in my top 5 pipe tobaccos of the 50+ blends I've tried and I've bought this many times.

CAO - Moontrance 50g
As a cigar smoker
As a cigar smoker trying pipes for the first time, this brand helped me out as a familiar name in cigars. Moontrance is a great cigar, but doesn't really translate too well over to pipes. CAO Eileens Dream however was the opposite, I love it as a pipe but thought it was only ok in cigar format. I would recommend Ashton Guilty Pleasure or Rainy Day for what I was hoping Moontrance could've been.

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