Tirau W.

Arturo Fuente - Brevas Royal Natural
good budget smoke
Good burn good draw a not unpleasant smoke.

Arturo Fuente - Curly Head Deluxe Maduro
Good budget stick
Good budget stick, easy draw, good burn, good construction, it just didn't suit my taste.

AJ Fernandez - Last Call Habano Geniales
Tasty little stick
Nice peppery little stick. Plenty of smoke, easy draw, the short stick just right for this peppery little stick. Taste lingers.

Joya de Nicaragua - Antano 1970 Machito
great stick
Nice cold draw. smells of good tobacco, Great draw, plenty of smoke output, good construction, smoked to to the very end, this stick didn't heat up. I added this one to my favorites.

Foundation Cigar Company - Charter Oak Connecticut Petite Corona
Solid smoke
Good solid smoke. Good draw, plenty of smoke, good construction. Good tobacco all I ask for in a cigar. Yes from me.

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Kyotos
Pleasant surprise
When you removed the cello you can smell the smokiness on the stick. Not unpleasant it's like sitting around the campfire then the next day you can smell the smoke in your clothes. Draw was a bit tight which detracted from the experience. Had to do a few relight towards the end. The flavour was nice. In the first third it was the first cigar I could retro hail without burning my sinus out. Will have to try another size to get a true impression due to the draw been tight.

Padron - Londres Natural
good smoke
My first Padron. Found the cheapest one I could get. Good smoke, great construction, perfect draw, plenty of smoke, soft box press, slightly bitter taste. Not for me this one.

Arturo Fuente - Cazadores Natural
For what its worth
Good budget stick, plenty of smoke output, it had a tear in the wrapper when I took the band off but still smoked it to the end.

Curivari - Buenaventura Picadores 52
Enjoyable stick
I enjoyed this stick, Ihad no problems with the burn or construction.

Camacho - Connecticut Robusto
Good smoke
Enjoyed this stick. Nice tobacco, good Aroma, plenty of smoke, good burn.

Foundation Cigar Company - Charter Oak Connecticut Rothschild
Good stick
A good smoke, nice tabacco very enjoyable.

Curivari - Seleccion Privada Corona
bitter smoke
started off with an uneven burn but straightened itself out, Had to relight it a couple of times.

Arturo Fuente - Curly Head
great value
I had my first curly head. Good stick, a good smoke. This one had a tight draw though so I tried a different technique. In stead of forming a tight seal around the stick I held it with my teeth leaving a slight gap at the side of the mouth and this gave good flow.

Illusione - Rothchildes Connecticut
Cold test nice smelling tobacco, good draw, plenty of smoke, tasty stick. It burnt hot which spoilt it for me.

Arturo Fuente - Brevas Royal Maduro
Brevas in maduro
Good smoke, well constructed but I did not enjoy it in the maduro. will try the naturals

La Aroma de Cuba - Corona
La Aroma de Cuba in corona
very tasty stick, good draw and burn, plenty of smoke output. Will definitely buy again. Added to my favorites.

Baccarat - Rothchild
Baccarat Rothchild
a good smoke, well constructed, good burn, easy draw, very mild, not enough flavour for me.

Arturo Fuente - Cuban Corona Natural
Cuban corona natural
Good smoke output, easy draw, well constructed, good burn nice and tasty I will buy again,