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G. L. Pease - Embarcadero 2oz
A subtle depth
I've been looking for a blend like this. Woodsy, Spicy, Sweet. This is definitely a new favorite!

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
Lightly spiced, lightly sweet.
Reminds me of unsweetened hot chocolate once the pipe gets going. As in the cocoa and chili kind. Mixed with a cigarette. I love it! If this sounds close to what you want, but not quite, try the Duke. It is a little sweeter, more nutty, less spicy. I'll be keeping them both around.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd Blonde
Well rounded.
To me, the burley and cigar leaf are the stars of the show here. The virginia is still very forward, it's almost as if they take turns as to which will hit your tongue first, but they're all coming through together. The perique, to my taste, plays a very important supporting role while still being detectable. The black cavendish helps smooth it all together, really just helps the texture. I don't really notice the flavor except in the aftertaste. Really good nicotine hit. The room note is very much like a naturally sweet cigar, very pleasant to me, but I don't think the girlfriend would be happy if I smoked this one inside.

Sutliff - 1M
To me, once lit, the primary notes I'm getting just remind me of mothballs. Then some vanilla. Haven't been able to finish a pack, but I don't find it totally repulsive.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Not the worst.
Definitely not the worst thing I've ever had, but I haven't been able to bring myself to finish a pack either.

Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 2oz
Exactly what I hoped for.
This is exactly what I expected it to be out of a fresh tin. Sweet, woodsy, spicey. I thought the room note a little rough at first, but it gives way to a sweeter, lighter note, kind of.. tobacco and incense sort of smell. I was able to tear a piece of the cake off with very little effort, it rubbed out beautifully, packed easy, lit easy, stayed lit, and only seemed to get smoother and tastier as the pipe went on. Good nicotine hit, my cheeks got rosy and warm and I slipped into that sort of euphoric stupor I find myself in with all my favorite blends.

Sutliff - Estate Blend
A good smoke!
A nice blend, enough flavor to enjoy, but not subdue the tobacco. I find the room note to be a bit unpleasant, maybe I haven't let it go for long enough, but it just smells of cigarettes to my girlfriend and me. Definitely something I'll keep around for outdoors/smoke breaks at work.

Sutliff - Duke Albert
The Duke is Delightful!
Pleasant, unobtrusive, tasty, satisfying. Easy to pack, easy to light, easy to enjoy! Update: I picked up some of the Prince to try in contrast. The Duke is sweeter, more nutty and more cocoa, better room note to my nose. The Prince is drier and spicier, kind of like unsweetened chili cocoa with tobacco. I love them both.

Cornell & Diehl - Mad Fiddler Flake 2oz
Aptly named
I just wanted a quick smoke before the girlfriend gets home. I grab my trusty Ropp J10. Tried and true, its cake walls maintained to perfection. I crack the tin and was greeted with a dominant scent of fruit hiding the scent of a dark, moist mulch. I rub out about what I normally would to have a pack burn for about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes. I char the top and then get it lit. Those first few puffs were harsh and bitter, and it did not want to stay lit.. I paced about the yard, trying to coax an ember when all of a sudden it took! And it just wouldn't stop! Despite my best efforts, smoke came pouring from the bowl and the mouthpiece, no matter what I did to slow the pace the smoke kept billowing! Despite the intesity of the burn, it remained cool, and did not bite my tongue. At least now the bitterness was gone, rich smokey flavors came forward, the taste and smell making me think of a nice cigar, the smell of fruit had vanished from my mind. The flavor shifted over the next 15 minutes, getting deeper, richer.. all the while I struggled to keep pace with the smoke. I thought for sure the journey must be near its end, tapping the pipe on my palm to dislodge some ash and that's when I saw my pack had barely burned. I set back in, puffing wildly, only to find that the flavor had smoothed, and the taste and smell of fruit came to the foreground, and stayed with my for about another ten minutes on, the smoke still not slowing, the amount burned never seeming to amount to much.. the flavor shifted back to what it had been before, and then as I finally reached the bottom it has the same bitter note with which the journey had begun, but instead of being unpleasant, it complimented the lingering flavors. All in all, this tiny pack burned for nearly an hour. At first I thought the nicotine was a bit low, but since finishing the pipe it has been creeping up on me over the course of the past twenty minutes and hasn't stopped. I also haven't been able to stop drooling since about five minutes into the pack. Not too excessive after finishing the pack, but I don't plan on enjoying this blend indoors.

Cornell & Diehl - Bijou 2oz
A lighter, sweeter Miskatonic Mixture?
Update: A few packs have been really heavy on the honey and sweet to the point where I don't really pick up on anything else and it kinda feels like my mouth gets coated in the sweet. Don't really love that, so I probably won't have as big an issue letting that next tin cellar. I'm still really looking forward to seeing how it goes! Probably going to pick up a few more tins for the cellar. Definitely not going to be the new go to the first couple packs had me thinking it would. ----- [Original] I think I found a new go to! The date on the tin is only 3 months, oh my lord, I'm going to have some serious trouble not cracking my second tin, I'm going to need a bigger cellar.. A light, natural tasting sweetness and a touch of spice over a medium bodied earthiness. First pack felt a little light on the nicotine, but I was also kind of fiending. I might just need to pack more, oh no! The aftertaste leaves more of the sweetness forward, earthiness in the background, spice becomes almost undetectable. (I was drinking a sweet iced tea at the time, so that could have changed the aftertaste toward the sweet side.) I can't wait to see how this ages!

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Peterson Tapered Pipe Cleaners (50 Pack)
My go to.
So, these have been my go to for some years now and they've always been nice and fluffy, but recently I got a few packages and two of them seemed to be about 30% less fluffy. Hoping I just got some duds as I haven't run into any issues before and they still do okay. (I'll update if I notice a trend in either direction.)

Lighters - Zippo Designer Pipe Logo Pipe Lighter
Super handy outdoors
It takes short, sharp, powerful puffs to get the flame down into the bowl. Managing to not overheat the pack while getting it lit and minimizing the taste of lighter fluid takes a little technique and getting used to. It is well worth mastering for those windy days or when you're out drinking and don't want to drop your expensive lighter, etc.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Peterson Tapered Pipe Cleaners (50 Pack)
No shedding!
These are great, I haven't had any issues with shedding or folding and they are very absorbent!

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Black Matte
Far happier with this purchase than I had anticipated. My pipes have never been lit so uniformly! I really thought I was going to feel like I over-spent on this item, but the more I use it, the happier I am that I decided to make the investment.

Tampers & Tools - Tobacco Pipe Wind Cap
Whether you want a cap to prepack your pipe or need a shield from the wind, this will get it done. The little push tabs are a bit sharp, no big deal, but be mindful.

Sutliff - Irish Creme
I know it's supposed to be really mild and light on the flavor, but what flavor I do get comes across more as sour dairy than Irish Creme. The room note is nice. Update: Just revisted this after a few years in the cellar. Whatever had been making it taste sour is gone, much nicer flavor, could still easily get lost behind a ghost. Hints of and aftertaste of coconut are now present, would have enjoyed if I were a fan of coconut. I hate coconut and I was still able to get through at least the one pack. (Smoke break at work, no time to repack)

Stands & Pouches - Smokingpipes Leather 2 Pipe Case with Pouch Black
Just what I needed
I had plenty of room for my pipes, pipe tool, lighter, spare flints and a goodly portion of tobacco. I can safely fit a small handful of pipe cleaners in with the pipes, though I normally keep them in a zip lock bag and close the magnetic flap down and around them instead. The magnets are nice and strong, the zippers seem really sturdy. The leather is really soft and feels very nice.

Sutliff - Z88 Maple Walnut
Not bad
Sometimes it tastes bitter, sometimes sour, when it feels the most balanced it kind of tastes slightly reminiscent of butterscotch. (Not exactly, but I can't think of anything closer.)

Cornell & Diehl - Berry Good 2oz
Here we go!
Updated: After leaving my tin alone for a bit it tastes much less overly sweet and is now a nice, natural raspberry flavor. Giving it an extra half a star, very nice when I'm looking for something lighter to kind of reset my taste buds. I normally go for heavier, spicey flavor profiles, or more toward a dark/heavy fig/plum for something fruity, but this is quite nice.

Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend 3.5oz
Top Tier
Oh my goodness. This tin isn't going to last long..

Sutliff - Z91 Spicy Vanilla
Great once it is lit, very smooth. I don't like the smell of the loose tobacco, or the smell and taste of the charring light, but once you've got that ember going just sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea. It tastes very much like snickerdoodle cookies to me. The nicotine seems to creep in with this blend, be patient. It has a very pleasant room note and aftertaste.

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
How is it both dry and creamy? Madness!
The tin note reminds me of one of those old, farmhouse basements with the loose stone floors. Kind of musty, but still warm and homey with the smell of breakfast and coffee wafting down. Very nostalgic smells for me. From there the experience only improves. The mustyness fades with the charring light and brings out a dark, subdued spiciness sitting on an earthy cloud of leathery smoothness. This is easily one of my top five favorite blends. I will only smoke this out of my larger pipes so I can really sit and enjoy it.

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
Perfect for any time
Big pack, small pack, any pack. I have yet to find another tobacco that is so flavorful while being so mellow. I don't care for the smell out of the bag, but the flavor is amazing, to me it's almost chocolate and marshmallow with a faint fruitness that tends to come out more in the aftertaste. The room note is very pleasant.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Legend Tamper Bordeaux with Swirl
Was extremely happy with the quality of this. I had expected the scraper to be more of a spoon shape to enable scooping but I like the way this works better. The tamper is wonderful, I love the holes for increased airflow. The only downside I see myself running into is many of my pipes have a smaller chamber diameter and I know it's not going to fit once I've built up an ideal cake wall. The tamper is roughly 16mm, or 5/8" wide. I haven't really had to use the poker portion, but I like having it available. The flat portion seems like it would be okay for gently scraping at the cake wall if I needed. It would definitely poke through any obstructions. --- Update: one of my pipes was building up cake a bit unevenly. A few gentle scrapes from the flat of the pick and everything was smoothed out and uniform again. I see this being sufficient as long as I don't let any of my pipes get too out of hand.

Cornell & Diehl - Espresso
Nutty, creamy, earthy.
Burns wet but smooth. Just don't pack it too dense. Very tasty and mellow. Update 8/3/23 Mix a pinch into some Duke Albert, you know you want to.

G. L. Pease - Regents Flake 2oz
Make time for this one.
I love this blend in the evening with a bottle of lager. I'll just sit there, content. I can't quite place the scent, though it's reminding me of something specific. It is a very nice, light, unobtrusive scent that still maintains a really smooth, mellow depth. The flavor has a medium spiciness with a light tangy flavor to follow. Really good balance on the blend, even though the flakes don't like to stay together while being removed from the tin it isn't hard at all to get a consistent pack. ---- Update: I had smoked through a portion of my tin, jarred the remainder, and when I came back to it it had changed into a smooth, earthy masterpiece with notes of spice creeping through and building up as you reach the bottom of the pack with a light citrus after taste. So good!

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
Pretty good
They shed a lot more than I like, but it is easy enough to make sure it has been removed.

Sutliff - Flying Dutchman Match
Try it in a Meerschaum.
Updated review: I let one of my pipes rest for a good bit and revisited this tobacco, smoking it only out of that pipe. There is definitely a smooth vanilla flavor here. It's a light smoke that seems to be very afraid of ghosts. I find it smokes best when I pack it a bit tighter than I normally would. I'll probably appreciate this a lot more on a hot, humid day. I'm going to cellar this until sometime in June. (It's February and quite cold out at the moment) UPDATE II: I just smoked this out of a Meerschaum, I have been missing out. Definitely a mild mix, but the tobacco and vanilla are coming through nicely. I think this is going to become a regular early morning/hot weather smoke for me.

Sutliff - D58 Dulce De Leche
Really good
Caramel and vanilla would absolutely not be the first and only things I mention. The primary scent and flavor is that of a coconut cream puff. It's flavorful, but the tobacco still comes through. I can not attest to the strength of this as I really hate coconut and could not finish the pack. I had others try this blend and they got the same impression without having given them mine. One person said Pina Colada. If I was a fan of the flavor I would probably buy this by the pound, it tasted and felt like a good quality smoke, one of my friends was very pleased to take it off my hands.

Cornell & Diehl - Nutty Irishman 2oz
Nutty and slightly sweet
A nice medium bodied smoke, solid nutty flavor. I was worried it was going to be an overly saturated/synthetic flavor from the scent of the tin, glad to say that I was mistaken. This definitely has the potential to be an all day smoke. I'd say the room note is pretty neutral, like a small, lightly sweetened campfire. Quite a nice blend, really pleased. If you're looking to get punched in the face with flavor and don't want to taste the tobacco, keep looking. If you want a nice, balanced blend, try a tin!

Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath 2oz
So satisfying
Update: I had misplaced my opened tin for about a month, the moisture and heaviness slipped away and revealed a much lighter fruit flavor that I can't quite place with the occasional impression of pomegranate. The nite of fig and plum have totally disapeared, the tin smells different.. I like this even better now to be honest, it's somehow even smoother and more velvety. Origibal review remains below. ----- I don't know what sort of occult sorcery was used to make this devilishly smooth and tasty blend, but I approve! Tastes of fig and plum fermented into a fine wine. The tin note, the room note and the taste are all so wonderfully consistent and exactly what I expected from the moment I smelled the tin. When I'm not somewhere that I can smoke I'll even pack this into my pipe and draw on it without lighting it just to get the taste in my mouth.

Cornell & Diehl - Briar Fox 2oz
Snuck up on me
So, I wasn't a fan of this the first couple of packs but the taste of that charring light kept bringing me back. Turns out I was drawing too deeply. Slow little sips are best. This tastes and feels like summer. ----- Update: I had accidently prepped a little too much and forgot to tuck away the excess and really enjoyed my slightly overdried pack. It tasted more of sweet grass and reminded me of the horse ranch I used to work on.

Cornell & Diehl - Awakened Elder 2oz
Well, alright!
Updated review: Earthy, musty, spicey.. So much better after giving it just a little time in the cellar. I had been getting really inconsistent packs as far as flavor and overall experience when I first opened the fresh tin. I jarred it up and have been trying a pack here and there over the course of the last couple months and it's just about perfect now! Definitely going to cellar the next tin for a bit. Hopefully retain a little more body than I did when pilfering the jar and releasing all sorts of goodness into the air. Probably going to cellar a few and try them at different ages..

Cornell & Diehl - Green River Vanilla 2oz
Creamy and sweet!
(Added note: I started smoking this out of one particular pipe when I noticed that there was more flavor to be found here and it was getting sullied by the ghosts of prior packs. After giving this blend its own pipe the flavors really started to come forward.) ----- I purchased a bulk order, smokes super wet, not quite as smooth as the tin, but still really good. ------ The first couple of times I tried this I left it out for a while to dry and it was okay. It tasted good, but tended to burn hot and get goopy. I remembered another reviewer mentioning that they had packed it straight out of the tin, I was a little skeptical, but figured I'd give it a go. I am so glad I did! Much more flavorful, smooth, and creamy! The plumes of smoke were so thick and satisfying, there was no over heating and the bottom of the pack was somehow less goopy than when I had dried the tobacco a bit first. The tin note is a bit overpowering, however, if I have scraps left on my prep board it will smell like I lit a nice scented candle. The room note is heavenly, I have yet to find anyone that dislikes it. This is my new daily pack. If I do ever want a little more flavor, or want to cut the creaminess, I've taken to packing some of G.L. Pease's Stratford blend on top. Anywhere between a sprinkle and the top half depending on my mood.

G. L. Pease - Stratford 2oz
Quite nice!
Update: Now that my fresh briar has some cake on it, the sweetness of this blend is much more foreward and seems to come through at the start of each draw. The spice comes in immediately after, blending with the sweetness. The flavor is much better and more complex than I had initially thought. If it starts to burn too hot the sweetness will fade and become more spicey, if it starts to get too cool and starts going out you'll only really get the sweetness to come through with an afterthought of spice. I have raised my review by one star. The original posting remains below. ------ This is a really nice blend, needs minimal dry time before getting packed up, if any at all. The scent out of the tin is really mild, mostly smells like fresh tobacco. The flavor starts out with a bit of sweetness on the charring light, followed by a nice long bowl of spice with hints of sweetness coming through intermittently. Pairs wonderfully with a good cup of tea, it really helps brings out the complexity of the flavor. I also enjoyed how consistently this burned and tasted all the way down to the bottom with minimal maintenance. If you're a faster smoker you might find that this will overheat pretty easily. The aftertaste is very warm, like I just drank a hot spiced cider with a dash of whiskey. (Not the apple flavor, the rest of the spice and warmth) There's also a faint tartness that makes my mouth water, it reactivated the spicey flavor and goes back to tart which starts the cycle again. The room note is really mild, earthy and spicey, can't complain about it or rave about it.

Stands & Pouches - Leather Pipe Stand
Great little rest!
This thing is pretty great. Gives me a nice portable pipe stand. It also happens to fit perfectly in one of my car's cup holders, or up on the dash during my lunch break. The only real issue I noticed was that the leather seems to be stitched a bit too tight on the outside edge, visibly pulling at the seems causing some minor gapping. I suspect this will reduce the overall life expectancy of the item by a little, but that shouldn't be for quite some time. The only other drawback is that it doesn't really like holding any of my churchwarden style pipes, it will, but you can tell that they are both very uncomfortable with the situation.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long A Coil 52'
Perfect for all my pipes, I love that I can trim this down to whatever lengths I need, leaving me with far less waste.

Cornell & Diehl - Byzantium 2oz
The smell from the initial light straight through to where I just couldn't take anymore was reminiscent of a dumpster fire, which is really unfortunate because I thought the flavor during the smoke was quite nice. The aftertaste however was a very spoiled dairy sort of sour. Everyone I was around at the time also couldn't stand it, one of my friends started gagging and they are not sensitive to smells normally. I will shelve this for now. I will revisit it one day when it's nice outside and I'm feeling brave. I'll let you know how that goes.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
(Added note: I checked the date on my tin, really really fresh, I probably should have stuck it in the cellar for a bit. I am having a most excellent time with the bulk bag of this blend I had ordered right after the first couple smokes out of this tin.) The smell out of the tin is a very strong smell of maple. The room note reminds me of frying up some maple bacon. The flavor is really good, to me it mostly tastes of tobacco with the maple coming through on the exhale and in the aftertaste. It also gives the faintest impression of a good sausage, oddly enough. The flavor really just gives it a warm, cozy feel, like spending the day walking through crisp fallen leaves and winding down by a campfire. Added bonus, everyone where I work thinks it smells great. Less grief, more enjoyment. ---- Update: Despite my efforts to make sure this has stayed well sealed between uses the flavor seems to dissappear shortly after having opened the tin. It has not gotten overly dry, it still smokes fine and the scent holds up nicely. Pack it a little tighter than you'd normally be inclined and it'll still do nicely.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B.J. Long Bristle Coil 52' Pipe Cleaner
As advertised
Nice and bristley. I like to just keep a roll of this and a roll of regular cleaners in my bag with a small pair of snips from the hardware store. I feel like I waste less materials than with the pre cut cleaners, which is good, because I use them pretty liberally.

Tampers & Tools - Czech Pipe Tool
Pretty much perfect
I got two of these, one of them is just a little tight, moves with a little effort and dropped a couple metal flakes. It wore in nicely after a couple uses. The second started off almost entirely seized; it snows metal shavings when I move it. Nothing that a little bit of penetrating oil and regular use won't fix. I don't see this causing any issues, I just don't want anyone to be surprised or accidently drop any metal shavings into their pipe! This would not stop me from buying again. Really pleased with the overall quality. Update: These wore in perfectly with regular use, the resistance is now just right. The metal shavings were only a problem for the first couple of days. Never wound up oiling them.

Cornell & Diehl - Miskatonic Mixture 2oz
An experience!
One of my favorite blends. Leathery, spicy, sweet. The balance of the flavor is delightful and has the tendency to shift ever so slightly with the temp of the burn in the most pleasurable way. I also really enjoy the aftertaste and lingering smell on my hands, keeps me happy long after the pipe has gone cold. ----- Update: A couple weeks since opening the tin and the flavor has smoothed out significantly. I liked the initial heaviness of the fresh tin, but it kept me from going to it frequently. It has lost a good bit of the leathery flavor, but retains a nice natural earthiness. The spice is about the same level, but the sweetness has really come forward, no longer being a background note, but it doesn't try to steal the show. Now I can reach for this tin whenever I please. ----- [Added note: The second two tins I have opened didn't have the initial heaviness that my first tin had, they were also far less moist. Much lighter flavor, just as complex and the same notes coming through, I love this blend.]

G. L. Pease
Embarcadero 2oz

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Prince Albert
Prince Albert 14oz

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G. L. Pease
Stratford 2oz

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