About Me:
I inherited pipe enthusiasm from my grandfather. I carry on the tradition and enjoy the meditation.

Cornell & Diehl - Kajun Kake 2oz
Full of flavor, nice sturdy smoke.
I primarily smoke English blends and love my latakia. I do also like variety, and to me, this gives me a lush variety of flavors to enjoy. The perique is very much a front runner but doesn't overwhelm the flavors of the Virginias or Cavendish. It evolves through the bowl into some lovely spice and sweetness. Crumble cake is as good a name as you get for the consistency, it flakes off very well and only needs a few minutes of air to dry, if that. I will be buying more to age, but recommend even as a fresh tin.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Enjoyable, balanced smoke
A good all day English. Can give you a hint of sweetness, hay in the sunshine, and some spice. Latakia is there to remind you of its presence further into the bowl and after re-lights. I bought 2 tins on sale, put one in the cellar and opened one. I have not tried age but will buy again and stock a few more for later.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Paragon Wax 1oz
Easy to use and holds up well.
Consistency is easy to work with, after some vigorous shaking. I use my finger to dab it on and spread around the pipe, let it dry, then wipe off and buff to hearts content. No power tools needed.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters (300 Count)
These changed my mind about filters.
I used to not care for the idea of putting a filter in a pipe. I felt it would negatively affect the experience and performance of the pipe, make hellfire rain down from the sky, etc. All these balsa filters do is enhance the experience by getting rid of some wet and little shavings you sometimes accidentally inhale. There is no difference in flavor, the draw is still good, and they are easy to use. I use them in MM pipes and several different Savinelli shapes. I recommend them to all filter haters.

G. L. Pease - Lagonda 2oz
Rich, savory smoke.
I ordered this blend not prepared for it to become one of my favorites. It starts off light and a bit spicy, then gradually becomes richer and smokier. I have found that this performs even better when re-lighting. I will smoke about a 3rd and set the pipe down to cool completely. When you come back you are greeted with this savory, crispy chared brisket flavor that fades out into a nice, mesquite type smokiness. Repeat as necessary. It is mostly dry with a hint of sweetness that comes though here and there. Spice will also duck in and out during the smoke. I like the complexity and will be buying again, and a few for the cellar.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Tapered Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
The cleaners to use
Versatile size, they don't shed, and they work on many different shapes and stems.

Tampers & Tools - Tsuge Briar Tamper
Nicely made, great feel.
Feels great in the hand, nice grain, the tool unscrews easily yet doesn't loosen by itself.