James M.

Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
This is just a magical experience
I was able to happen upon 8oz of this wonderful blend. The notes are wonderful and are so full and robust. I get slight notes of ginger, fig, dried apricot, bread and slightly sweet. It's such a terrific smoke and just fills my pipe with joy every time. If you are able to get your hands on this, savor every bit of it. This is a great tobacco for sure.

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East Flake 2oz
The Elite Standard
This is the type of tobacco that makes a person wonder why they smoked anything other than this delicious offering. I first came across this because I was in search of the fabled Penzance. One of the first recommendations I came across was Quiet Nights which is fantastic, but when someone spoke to me with the conviction that this was hands down the best, I had to try. I must say, I have never enjoyed a tobacco more than I have enjoyed Star of the East. I stand by my word that there is nothing better. This tobacco is perfect in every way imaginable.

Cornell & Diehl - From Beyond 2oz
Only the initiated...
This small batch blend isn't widely available but I will let you know that if you ever come across it, then you should absolutely swear your allegiance. There is a myriad of thoughts that come to mind when trying to describe this blend. The tin note is phenomenal, the room note is devilish, the smoking experience is maddening. Once you commit yourself to the experience, you will be trapped forever.

Cornell & Diehl - Awakened Elder 2oz
It's not great.
I bought into this idea that I'd get something out of this blend and to be honest, I got nothing. There is no real tin note and the smoke leaves little to be desired. I wanted to like this blend so much, so I got through the tin using various pipes and the experience never changed. If there was something hinting within the flavor, then I would have aged it for a bit to see if something came out, but just considering it tasted of nothing notable, I wouldn't even bother. The plus to the experience is that it doesn't smoke too hot and is pleasant nonetheless so long as you don't want to taste anything notable.

Cornell & Diehl - Blockade Runner 2oz
There's something, but not a lot.
I picked this up after having Black Frigate. I didn't really enjoy it, but that may change with age. The initial tin note gives off a scent of rum soaked raisins. The smoke is cool and mellow but the nose on it in my opinion is less pleasing than the choice of Black Frigate. My mind may change after a year or so, but for now this isn't one that I'd keep close.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 2oz
If I was on an island...
This is one of those amazing blends that really takes you places through the entire experience. The tin note is amazing as the rum is fragrant throughout. It's not an aromatic, but it does emulate one in a way. It's such a mellow and pleasing smoke. The cake does take a little work to break up, but nothing too crazy. This tobacco is Goldilocks when it comes to moisture, as I find myself only needing to light it once and I am off towards Davey Jones Locker. The only tin I have finished faster was plum pudding, but I guarantee once you have finished a tin, you will look for a larger offering like I did.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged 2oz
A pleasant and balanced bland
Plum Pudding: Bourbon Barrel Aged is a great tobacco blend for anyone who wants no question on a top tier offering. The tin note is some of the most pleasant that I have ever sensed. The tobacco breaks away pretty easily and doesn't suffer from being too damp or too dry. The initial light is so intoxicating and the experience is something that should be savored sparingly. The only thing better than this blend is the original Plum Pudding.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged 2oz
The one and only
As a relatively new pipe smoker, I have taken the journey from heavily cased aromatics onto more complex profiles and flavors. I recall trying plum pudding some time ago and was floored by how much I enjoyed something that I would have never picked up on my own. I accidentally ordered the Plum Pudding: Bourbon Barrel Aged around the same time and at first I wasn't particularly fond of it. Over time though, things began to shift. I noticed after a couple of weeks that I was pinching more of the bourbon aged tobacco than the original plum pudding. The more I smoked, the more I appreciated and enjoyed. By the time my first tin was done, I was certain that I had found my favorite. I just received a new tin yesterday and cracking open the tin of Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel is sheer joy. The sweet familiar smell of bourbon permeates your senses right away. It may catch you off guard at first whiff. There is a full bodied sent to Plum Pudding BBA that I cannot explain. It begs to be the smoke you have after a nice dinner while contemplating the day. The taste, room note, and strength are aligned perfectly. This is not a tobacco you want to puff like a chimney. This is one you really have to take time and appreciate every level of it's complexity. This is absolutely my favorite and I am confident this will be my daily smoke for a long time to come.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
A Thousand Pardons...
I purchased this on the suggestion and recommendation of many of the YouTube videos that I looked into trying to find a new tobacco to enjoy. I was a bit hesitant at first but upon getting to taste it I can say that the hype is absolutely warranted. I have smelled particular tobaccos similar to this, with it's tart sent, but never have I experienced a flavor so commanding of my senses. The next time I order this, it will be double the amount, only so I can cellar the rest and appreciate it more down the road.

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