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Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Flake
More, please!
I don’t get Lakeland in this flake, just a full-bodied sweet smoke that lasts ages in the bowl. If you enjoy a mildly-flavored but still lush smoke, give this a try.

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown
If this were called “Albemarle” or “Chesapeake,” everyone would smoke it and love it. Cursed to the end of a long list by virtue of its name, I think it may be a secret for those who scroll and scroll to the end. I’m happy I found it. It smokes wonderfully, with a cool, creamy texture, and a flavor of warm crusty bread. No bite, no nonsense. A favorite.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
Get 3 or 4 coins, prep them however you like, and enjoy a wonderful smoke. A pipe full of this never fails to put me at ease with a smile on my face.

Cornell & Diehl - Yale Mixture 2oz
Really nice smoke for times when Latakia is desired but not craved. I’d put this at the light end of a spectrum with Red Odessa in the middle and Pirate Kake at the other end. Boola boola!

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Very Pleasant
This is an easy smoke in every sense — loads easy, burns easy, and is easy on the mouth. I know the concept of room note is meant to refer to how non-smokers in the room perceive the aroma of a smoke, but I have to say that, as the smoker, I really enjoy how this tobacco smells around me as I smoke. To say nothing of its smooth, creamy flavor. Part of my rotation and I’m glad for it to be there.

Comoy's - Cask No.4
Enjoyed this flake very much, folded and popped right in. Good grassy/leafy flavor, and a dry, peppery taste left behind. Burned beautifully and one flake lasted a good long time.

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