Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight (6mm)
Wonderful Cobb
Not much to say really, it's an incredibly fair priced cobb and it smokes like a dream.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
Great flavor, room note makes people nostalgic
I cannot add much to the reviews below, so I won't get verbose. I endorse Kurtis K.'s review 100%, I imagine that helps more than my less than poetic prose. I'd call it a Virginia Flake with a hint of topping or the remnants of a sweet casing that you can tell is there, but not near enough to call this aromatic. I've had a handful of strangers stop to tell me some story the aroma jostled loose from their scent memory. Quite pleasant. To me, I smell the room I'd watch my grandpa tinker in and smoke his pipe.

G. L. Pease - Piccadilly 2oz
The best intro to English, great for anytime.
What a wonderfully balanced English blend. It doesn't sway too far in any direction, swimming the English seas without going too deep. Though I would not call this blend shallow. The fresh tin note is akin to sitting around a late-night dying down pine and cedarwood campfire within a fall orchard, where much of the fruit is a memory, but a faint fruit and pepper jam redolence breaks through now and then. The smoke is flavorful, earthy and rich but dry, with a consistent virginia subnote of sweetness. The bulk of the bowl brings a tasty and consistent smoke; rather than picking the flavors of each component out of the smoke and retro, the parts add up to something more then the sum of their individual notes. A cedarwood aroma melds with a smokey, earthly fullness that lasts through the whole bowl and is the most forward and discernable flavor. There is a whisper of smoked clove, mellow white pepper, and ceylon cinnamon. This is no lofty byzantian blend aimed at pleasing the palates of debutants light-mindedly lounging in a study with rumps upon puffy leather chairs; $900 pipes in palms. No. This is a working man's English. Hardy without pretense, subdued but not tame. Simple though not pedestrian or plain. All in all, I recommend this for just about any pipe smoker, but especially for folks who want to dive into the English channel, without a laboriously labyrinthine swim in the darker waters of the English soul - which this may well lead to, but even so, you'll find yourself visiting Piccadilly quite often in any case.

Stanwell - Melange 50g
Very pleasant
The tobacco is quality, the topping seeps through the smoke and only taps the tastebuds. Meanwhile you mostly taste a well crafted blend and the other folks in the room will say anything from hot chocolate to grandpa's pipe. One of my favorite aromatic blends that allows me to also taste tobacco.

Stonehaven 2oz

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Etudiant Sandblasted (J05)

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Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut 50g

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G. L. Pease
Piccadilly 2oz

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Golden Sliced 100g

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