Tampers & Tools - 8deco Penner Tamper
More necessary than Michael Buffer announcing.
Just to reinforce what everyone else has said. This is a fantastic tool. Very pleasant weight in the hand. Very useful length for the tamper and poker. Keeps things tidy and the tamper head is a fantastic design. If you don’t have one, you should.

Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
Middle of the road, like Diamond Dallas Page’s career
Look you don’t need my opinion but I looped you in with my catchy title, so here you go: a smokey, sour, earthy, sweet English with a healthy dose of perfume on the back end. It’s certainly a dynamic smoke and I’d recommend you try it if you’re a Plum Pudding or Quiet Nights fan (or other tobaccos in that profile). Ultimately it is an occasional something very different and unique smoke for me. I like the Pudding more. It’s certainly better and more interesting than a lot of middle of the road English, just not my top tier. I also feel that much like Quiet Nights, it’s a bit heavy/complex for an all day smoke.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
More enjoyable then the Ultimate Warrior’s rope antics
Take this review with the understanding I enjoy oriental forward English blends. Presbyterian is like coming home to me. After many years, it’s my gold standard I weigh every English against. I always have it in rotation, stacked deep in my cellar, and I have a pipe dedicated to it. I look forward to it every time I open the jar or tin. The initial tin note is savory with some smokiness. The retrohale is very floral/spicy. It’s where you get a lot of the oriental profile. Otherwise it’s a very moderate weight and pleasant tobacco. Easily an all day smoke. Plenty of smoke and wonderful “beard scent.” There’s a reason it’s one of the old faithful tobaccos. If you’ve never tried it, you owe it to yourself to get a tin.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
Heavier coating then Ric Flair’s closet
The aroma was great but the heavy tongue coating and aftertaste that it left when smoked made this tobacco unsmokeable to me. The tin note and room note is very pleasant like maple syrup on pancakes. It smokes sweet and did exhibit tongue bite. Six+ months of age did diminish the casing profile but I still didn’t enjoy it. I just couldn’t get past the tongue coating aftermath. Take that with a grain of pink Himalayan rock salt. I am primarily an English smoker with a few VA staples. If I like an aro it tends to lean English with an oriental component.

Cornell & Diehl - Bailey's Front Porch
More Burley than The Rock
It’s an acceptable mild English blend. I agree with other reviewers that the Burley is forward in the mix. Probably why I didn’t like it more. But if you’re a Burley fan, give it a go. The bulk was drier then I expected. I aged it for a year after my initial sampling. I’m still not a fan but it doesn’t fall into the bad range.

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Mac Baren
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