Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
The Smoke God Prefers
Not one negative thing to say about this one. To my taste, it approaches perfection. Strong, straightforward flavor, burns well and slowly. A relaxing and pleasant experience. Great with a glass of bourbon.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
The best for cigar smokers.
This is by far the strongest pipe tobacco I have yet experienced. I have smoked strong cigars for 2 decades and nothing slays me like this. What more need be said? Want your ass kicked? This is the pugilist,

Warped - Until the End 2oz
The Most Cigar Tasting Tobacco Yet. if only it would burn properly.
Too wet, even after 30 seconds in the microwave, Too coarsely cut, impossible to rub out. Utter dog s**t. It went into the trashcan. Don't waste your money or frustrate yourself. Buy Billy Budd.

Savinelli - 145th Anniversary 2oz
Smells and tastes like a moldy fruitcake. You know, the one your mom found in the pantry years later. I don't like this at all. Not one thing about it. Not the worst I've smoked, but I don't want more.

Drucquer & Sons - Levant Mixture 200g
Marketing is all...
So I bought this because it was on sale. Sounded sophisticated. Even the name made me feel like it would elevate me from Texas redneck to French existentialist. Not so much. Stupidly, I sprang for the big container because I was sure I would like it. Well...Not a thing wrong with this, but very little right, either. I can say with no hesitation that this is the blandest English blend I have ever had. Absolutely nothing about it stood out. A symphony of blandness. I imagine I will just toss the rest and call it a lesson learned about marketing. Seriously, if you want a good English blend, try Orient Express or Maltese Falcon. SO much better.

Irish Flake 50g

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Cornell & Diehl
Black Frigate 8oz

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Artisan's Blend 50g

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Cornell & Diehl
Bayou Night

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Cornell & Diehl
Mountain Camp

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