Christian Z.

Stanwell - Melange 50g
My go to every morning
Absolutely my favorite goto tin. Occasionally the bite is a little rough on a fresh unsealing, but after a dry out its fantastic... (I like to leave a fresh can open overnight for just 1 evening) I would like to discover some variations of this mixture and 'what it is that I just can't put my finger on' that makes this so enjoyable to my palate. It must be a DNA thing... but this one is my #1 Favorite

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Better than WhiteKnight
I bought WhiteKnight and BlackHouse togather and gave them both a shot. Same day, after drying out, ect... I found WhiteKnight to have a bit of a sting to it I did not like while BlackHouse was far smoother in my opinion. Interestingly, a pinch of WhiteKnight on top of 2 pinches of BlackHouse makes for a nice mix... WhiteKnight in the BlackHouse, lol. goot fit in my opinion, however, I reorder BlackHouse more than I do WhiteKnight...

Hearth & Home - WhiteKnight 1.75oz
Tad stronger than Black House
It was good, but intense. I am not a fan of the sting, and found the BlackHouse blend to be far better. Interestingly I found topping off a pipe with 1 pinch of White Knight on top of 2 pinches of BlackHouse is an enjoyable combo...

Cult - Profile 50g
Changed my mind!
First smoke out of any sealed tin is never a good indicator of flavor... in this case I was disappointed, but only at first... First tin I got of this I forgot about for 2 weeks after opening it. Ran out of tobacco, found this and gave it another go. I guess It had dried out enough to get hit with a pleasant and unexpected flavor. I burned through that whole tin in a week, every day, the new favorite! I now open new tins of Cult and let them sit for 12 hours over night, close them back up, and the next morning its a great smoke.

Melange 50g

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