Stanislav P.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
Carolina Red Flake with Perique (2021)
When I ran out of Carolina Red Flake, I decided that it would be logical to open the same Virginia blend, but with perique. The tobacco was supposed to increase in flavor and aroma due to this component. Naturally, it did. The tin was packed at the beginning of September 2021 just like the previous one. I never tire of mentally thanking the workers at Cornell & Diehl who put date labels on these tins. The appearance of the tobacco is the same swollen flake strips that easily diverge into individual fibers as its sibling, Carolina Red Flake. But the color, of course, is different. Whereas there was a monochromatic yellowish-brown shade of fresh leaves, here the color is slightly darker, a shade of pine chaff. There is no dust, no excessive moisture either. The consistency is great, you can stuff it and light it up. In addition to the basic aromas of wheat bread and fresh hay, there are obvious light raisin and cytrus notes, and on top of that the tobacco has a slightly salty, jerky smell with just a hint of pepper. Thanks to Russ Ouellette and his Golden Triangle collection, I've had the opportunity to sample perique from various regions of St. James, and if Cornell & Diehl added St. James perique here, at least some of it seems to have been picked somewhere in Paulina. The flavor was luxurious for such a fresh tobacco. A very pleasant wheat note was complemented by a slight peppery finish mixed with unsweetened dried apricots and a subtle hint of cocoa. However, very soon another note was added to this bouquet - dried tomatoes. I think my guess about Paulina was right. The tobacco smokes very gently, doesn't bite or burn the tongue. Despite the wide bowl and overall consistency, it smokes quite slowly, leaving less moisture than a simple Carolina Red Flake. Of course, at the expense of the perique, it also has a different strength - it's higher, and you can get a nicotine hit from a large pipe. I felt a slight manifestation of it at the very end of the smoke, which gives me reason to consider the tobacco to be slightly above average strength. The aftertaste of the tobacco is caramel-malt with a slight saltiness on the tongue, quite pleasant. The smoke from tobacco has a grassy, woody smell with a slight spiciness. I liked it very much, in addition, it is quite light. The bottom line: This tobacco is very good even when fresh. I can only imagine how good it will taste in five years. Virginia perique blends age, gaining flavor and sweetness, and this one will be no exception. Considering it's a limited edition, you need to stock up on it now. It's worth it.

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