Youngdae K.

Padron - 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro Exclusivo
My favorite cigar
Roasted coffee taste. Earthy taste. Coffee. Cocoa and chocolate with great flavor.  And a little spicy. My most favorite cigar.

Romeo y Julieta - Reserva Real #2
It is not spicy than expected and has a slightly sweet taste. There is not much haze.. Is it less mature? Delicious from about 30 minutes. It burns well for the length It tastes good after 30 minutes. It tastes sweet and doesn't taste full. Woody scent, savory taste 2/3 No burdensome taste after smoking

Liga Privada - #9 Belicoso
Great cigar
Cold draw is good, clean and has a coffee scent. Dark chocolate, coffee scent, leather scent, cedar scent. The intensity increases after 20 minutes of smoking. Beautiful Burn The coffee and cedar scent are so great that it goes well with milk tea. About 40 minutes cedar scent, leather scent is strong

Drew Estate - Undercrown Shade Belicoso
nut flavors, and the sweetnes
The amount of haze is abundant and the smoke is very fragrant. The taste is mostly earthy, grass, and nut flavors, and the sweetness is very low, but it is creamy with vanilla flavor. Burning burns well, and the overall taste is smooth and light.

Rocky Patel - Decade Toro
My favorite cigar
Best cigar for price. One of my favorite cigars. Nut savory. Aroma flavor/ Dark chocolate. Be stronger than expected.

Oliva - Serie V Torpedo
Great cigar
The body feels medium taste and is quite clean.. Woody with full taste Very soft scent, savory taste, chocolate taste, cigar that you want to buy again