Dustin H.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Anyone can smoke Irish Flake
I’ve never been a fan of the gatekeeping that goes on within this hobby, and with this blend in particular. Yes, the tin states that it’s for “the experienced smoker.” Yes, it takes a good amount of care and a certain gentleness to get the most out of it. However, like so many other things, I tend to take the approach popularized by a certain Pixar film, and to amend the famous one-line saying from that film, I believe anyone can smoke Irish Flake. If you like a tobacco that’ll give you a kick in the throat and make the room gently and pleasantly spin; if you like a tobacco that has a complicated flavor that alternates with every puff between meaty and nutty; if you like a tobacco that produces a creamy, almost corporeal smoke; this is your tobacco. This is anyone’s tobacco. Smoke it quickly and get knocked on your ass. Puff it gently and slowly after a meal and it’s its own dessert, and you’ll likely still get knocked on your ass; it is a strong blend. Holding the smoke in your mouth is similar to taking the first bite of a Thanksgiving turkey your uncle spent all day burning down the backyard to prepare, circa 1996. It’s a nostalgic blend that way, reminiscent of long summer afternoons where the sun refuses to just set. Each puff is delicate but present and significant. When I smoke this blend I always somehow feel like a young adult who’s only drunk little stolen sips of his parents’ beer before and is finally sitting down at the bar and ordering his first Scotch with an I.D. that no longer needs to be fake. I grew up in a small town in the Ozarks. Marlboro country. Smoking Irish Flake takes me back to the long drives past cattle pastures and old half-collapsed barns, the sweet smell of mature hay blowing in through the open windows, a beautiful girl in the passenger seat and only two crappy radio stations to choose from. It didn’t matter what was on the radio though, really, or who was in the passenger seat. I was at once both driving and along for the ride. Completely in control and somehow not at all at the same time. I don’t care how or why you smoke this tobacco, I only highly recommend that you do.

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