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First Nations and Irish Firefighter, that was born a Cowboy.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Favorite Daily Smoke
This is easily hands down my new personal favorite. It doesn't bite, it smokes incredibly well, it tastes great and it leaves a nice yet subtle room note/smell in beard. When I first opened the tin, it smells exactly like Black Forest Cake. Nobody else has described it as that, but to me this is exactly what it smells like. It wasn't wet or goopy as some may describe, it was more dry and ready to smoke. The taste that everyone describes is completely off, but the closest relatable would be the cherry/chocolate tootsie pops. It is a creamy, rich, sweet blend. It doesn't even have a tobacco after taste which is great. Near the end of the bowl for me personally, I taste cinnamon. Extremely happy with this blend. I will definitely be stocking up a LARGE amount next pay day. Can't give it enough stars, but 5/5 will do. A perfectly balanced cherry chocolate blend.

Blood Red Moon 50g

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