Matt B.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
A Fan
I didn't know anything about this blend but it was recommended by a friend. It is mild, no nic kick, but has complex and wonderful flavors. A fan favorite now of mne and those around me. It's not one that fills the room but those within a small diameter love it.

Missouri Meerschaum - Mark Twain Bent (6mm)
Mark Twain Meerschaum
I bought a couple of these for knock-around pipes since they are inexpensive. Bought more because they smoked so well. They won't last as long as a good briar, but they perform excellent.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
Surprise Favorite
I like Mac Baren tobacco and thought I'd try this, mainly due to trying a roll cake. My surprise was how much I liked it. Mild to medium nicotine but a nice blending of tobacco and aromatic taste. Will keep it high on the rotation list.

Cornell & Diehl - Gentleman Caller 2oz
Half & Half Replacement
I remember my Dad and his friends smoking Half & Half, I even tried a few bowls myself as a youngster. Now as an adult, I tried it again but it lacked the same flavor and room note. I read on these pages about the change and slightly different blend and that Gentleman Caller was similar. I'm glad I did. Cornell & Diehl always make a good blend and this one really captures the "old" Half & Half blend but, in my opinion, is made with better quality tobacco. I think the deer tongue was lost in the new OTC blend. I'm ordering more today.

Missouri Meerschaum - Mark Twain Bent (6mm)
Very Nice Smoke
Never had a real Missouri Mersham before, and they cost little, so I got a couple of these. A surprisingly good smoke with the filter model. I find myself smoking these more than my expensive pipes.

Larsen - Signature Vintage Mixture 100g
Finally Found it!
All this time I thought I only liked the Taste of English blends but those around me (especially my wife) only tolerated aromatics. I was wrong! What I liked was realy the complexity of blends and Larson Signature is near perfect. Very complex and a joy to the taste buds but a very nice, not overwhelming, room note. While I will always likely try others, THIS will be a staple and always on hand. A great smoke!

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1982 Centennial Blend 1.4oz
Very Nice Smoke
I wasn't sure about this when I ordered but it is a mild to mellow smoke with a nice but not overpowering room note. I was surprised by the complexity of the taste. It will be in my rotation form now on.

Eileen's Dream 50g

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Mac Baren
Vanilla Roll Cake 16oz

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Mac Baren
Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz

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Mac Baren
7 Seas Regular 3.5oz

$19.35 $14.93