James W.

Arturo Fuente - Chateau Fuente Natural
Nice Mild Smoke
A Mild Cigar, with some character but an easy smoke. A crisp burn line the entire time, light grey ash, well constructed. The only down side is it is not a dynamic smoke, meaning for me, what I get in the first inch of the smoke does not change or progress at all. I wasn't expecting a any major changes, but I hoped maybe some slight nuances as the smoke progressed. Now saying all that, I do like it for what it IS and not for what it is not, the size and length and mildness is why I bought a box. It is also the go to I give someone out of my humidor that is not really a cigar smoker, but would like to try a cigar. It is not overpowering, it is light, a shorter smoke that is well made and burns even.