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Cornell & Diehl - The Beast 2oz
6543 tins. Out on the 21st. Groovy.

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Revisited 1st release
I don't smoke a ton of this. I dip into it now and then. It's been over a year since I opened the 1st tin. It's a nice crisp fall day as I write this. And wow!! This is a treat. Not sure about the reviews saying it is like an OTC blend. It's a burley, not overly complex. But this is a solid full bodied blend. Sweet and nutty. The spice is still present. A nice counter to the sweetness. Creamy. A great match to a cup of dark coffee. Glad I grabbed a few tins. This will age nicely.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
Top shelf burley
I'm reviewing this based mostly on my Dad's love for it. Every day all day for him. Tin note is sweet. The room note is awesome. Sweet and toasty. Never bitey. Light toasted grain, nuttiness. There is a mild sweetness from the casing, but nothing I would consider aro. I really keep it on hand to keep the old man out of my other favorites. It works too. But when I have a hankering for burley, J4 satisfies.

Tobacco Jars - PocketJar Red
Got another one
I liked the green one so much I ordered a red one. Perfect for what I need it for. No joke.

Tobacco Jars - PocketJar Green
Well I like it
I got one. It is what it is. Actually it's exactly what I have been looking for. Small and somewhat air tight. I know from experience how it feels to have a repurposed tin open in my pack on a hike, or a zip lock bag tear open and see my weekend camping trip's ration of wonderful tobacco spread throughout my gear like dirt. I welcome well designed useful things. Injection molded, 3D printed, cast or otherwise. Definitely worth the price of 649.5 zip locks. And it's green. My favorite color.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Meh, it's ok
Maybe its a Newminster thing, but this bites me right out of the gate. There is a tingling sensation I get with this and the Superior round slices. Nothing like that lovely perique tingle I love. Whatever flavor they add to this just isn't my thing. That said, its not bad. Pretty mild Virginia flake. I Got a couple of ounces. I'll let it sit and see what a year or more does. Definitely nothing I would reach for if if I had PS400 sitting on the shelf. Burns well. And that bite eases off further into the bowl. Moves to a nice bready smoke. THAT I do like, but it's not worth the bite to get there when I have other navy flakes that are delicious from first light to dottle. The flakes are double the length of PS400 or 50g OGS flakes. Beautiful strips. I want to love it, but that bitey top flavor makes it hard. Bag note tipped me off that this would be the case too. Blindfolded, I could pick out Newmisnster from a lineup.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Mountain Flower 2oz
Sun Bear hungry!!!!
Yummm, I think I'll eat this server. 😂

Cornell & Diehl - Anthology 1992-2022 2oz
Quick 1st impressions. Not over the top. Nice and smooth smoke. Mildly sweet and earthy from the perique. The old Virginia is bready. Not grassy. Slight pepper notes. The smoke moves to a sweet creaminess last 3rd of the bowl. More to come as I work through the tin. Moisture is great right out of the tin. Nice work Jeremy!

Seattle Pipe Club - Hogshead 4oz
Came for the tobacco, stayed for the whining
Or maybe I came for the whining and bought some tobacco. These new/ limited releases are always good for a laugh. Damn, this is entertaining. I got some. Real review forthcoming. Hahahah. @TerryW: under your profile you can edit your own reviews and change stars as well.

Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
Allow me.....
....To write the 1st constructive review other than Mr. Stanion. This will be brief with an update to come, as I just lit the 1st bowl. Bag note is mildly sweet and of dark fruits. 1st puffs are also mildly sweet and peppery. Not over the top with the perique. Just enough tingle. Very satisfying. There was a slug at the end of my brick to even up the pound. So I'll smoke that and likely jar a good portion of this for later. And some for much later. Stay tuned for an update. Can't do the 5 star thing yet. Too early. They left enough of the bag to reseal easily if you're so inclined. For those wondering, I got #216/1000. Been sipping now for a while. 2nd half of the bowl. The spice has ramped a bit. More of a dry sweetness. Roasted nuttiness. Hints of stonefruit have faded to the back. Moisture was great out of the bag. This is nice burning tobacco.

Lighters - IM Corona Old Boy Matte Black
Give your relights more clout
Classy little lighter. It's got a nice heft for such a small package. I love my Zippos and pipes. Here's another thing to collect. Like most things that have disposable equivalents, the upfront cost is easy to take when you factor in the years of enjoyment and reliability you get from a well built tool.

Alec Bradley - Black Market Punk
Pipe guy review here so cut me some slack. I grabbed one of these today at a local shop for a change of pace. Perfect size for the ride home. I enjoyed this little cigar. It was mainly dry, with a hint of sweetness. Peppery and woody. Nice on the retro. I got some nice cedar and leather. I will definitely revisit when the desire returns for a cigar.

Cornell & Diehl - From Beyond 2oz
Shelf space
These will fit on the shelf right next to my Sun Bear.

John Aylesbury - Sir John's Flake Virginia 50g
Looks like the ex-Presies are a tad confused...
One and the same? Pierre Delecto would be proud.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
Unique for sure
Lots of flavor from start to finish. Sweet and woody. I definitely taste the Kentucky in the blend. If you're sensitive to dark fired leaf you may not enjoy this. Like others have said, it can be a little bitey, so go easy on it. I like the neat little coins. They rub out to a very fine shag and like to burn. Can be a little bit of a flavor adventure depending on how you pack it. Won't be my everyday blend, but its a nice treat once in a while. I look forward to trying it in winter.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
I'll take WICKED AWESOME TOBACCOS for 1000 Alex.
This tobacco is known for its sweet Virginia flavor and the perfect amount of perique to liven things up. It rubs out beautifully and burns great. ..... What is PS 400 Luxury Navy Flake? Just came back to update my love for this tobacco. My trusty go to during the summer, but anytime really. The price makes it more attractive than OGS which I also love.

Tampers & Tools - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
I don't use these on all of my pipes. Yet. I may end up there though. I cut the belled end off. I find they bulk up the bit too much for my liking. Removing the wide part makes them very comfortable. Especially on saddle bits. Placed right against the button they dont usually add to the overall thickness of the bit. Great for extended clenching. And they do protect the bit.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz
12:00am is MIDNIGHT
12:00pm and you are exactly 12 hours too late to the game folks. Holy cow the sad pandas are out today. I've missed out before. It happens. Try harder next time. And pay a little more attention. Good luck. FYI it is available elsewhere.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz
Sun Bear, the great server smasher... oh and it's good too!!! (Edit)
Right off the bat, orientals. I get the orientals all the way through the bowl. They are up front, mild cedar and woodsy. There is nothing over the top on this blend. The honey and tequila are there as support, but don't dominate. If you're expecting to be smoking baklava dripping with honey, you will be disappointed. The virginias support and actually come forth more in the 2nd half of the bowl. Kind of toasty bread. Quite nice. I'm sure with age it will all come together nicely. The tin note is dark fruity, maybe a hint of booze. Takes flame awesome and plays nice. Moisture is good to go. I'll age some and check every so often. I will also smoke the hell out of it now. Yup, I got enough to do that with. I'll follow up as I blast through this first tin.

Missouri Meerschaum - Cornell & Diehl Carolina Gent
Nice cob
It's a Missouri Meer to be sure. The acrylic saddle bit is very nice. I wish I could add this stem to all my cobs. Handles being clenched nicely. And as always, smokes great.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Dad's loss, my gain
Got this for my dad. He loves burley. It didn't wow him. So he passed it off to me. I am not usually a burley guy. But lately I've been reaching for Bookshop often as well as Eight State. Bookshop has the nice mellow nuttiness and a hint of spice. Very satisfying. I like it when I don't feel like a chewy English or sweet aro.

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream 2oz
4 stars on the aro scale
Listen, I'm not an aro smoker. But for me, they are a nice treat once in a while. I had jarred a couple of ounces of this up last year and forgotten about it. Just had a bowl with my morning coffee. Very nice. Wet and sticky? Yes. But I didnt dry it at all. Pack it right and it will burn fine. I get vanilla and subtle cocoa notes. Apricot is there. Tons of creamy white smoke. Don't hammer on this like a freight train and you will probably enjoy it. If you taste wet grass, your going too hard. And lets be honest, its cav and some flavorings, please don't expect a flavor journey through the Orient. You're just not going to get that from a 1 tobacco blend.

Sutliff - Balkan II
Love it!!
What a good mild English. A bit sour, decently sweet. Not a lati powerhouse. I can smoke this all day. Has a slight boozy note like Sutliff heavy English.

Sutliff - 503 Heavy English
Sweet English
This blend is very good. Not a lat bomb. I find it to be pretty sweet for an English. There is a boozy quality to it. Glad I have many options or I would smoke this stuff right up.

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Beautiful Burley
This is great. I'm and English and Balkan lover. Also love VA/Pers heavy on perique. And Eight State is giving me all I want in a smoke. Not a flavor or room note juggernaut, but don't take that as it being bland or 1 dimensional. This blend deserves care and sipping to be fully enjoyed. There is a subtle sweetness that isn't over the top. At the same time dry. The earthy cocoa is amazing. Good spice notes with just a touch of actual spiciness on the retro. Did I mention cocoa? It has a dark chocolate flavor without the bitterness. Dark dried fruit notes poke through here and there. I think the orientals support the blend nicely. I look forward to a little age on this too. The tin note is mild cigar, and dark fruit and somewhat familiar. I won't compare it to anything by name, but it definitely has an old friend smell to it. The room is pleasant. Glad I have some and I'll definitely snatch up more when it comes out again. Bravo Mr. Reeves! Well done sir.

Cornell & Diehl - Granulated Perique
Hell yes. This stuff is the shizzle. If you don't know how this tobacco is made, look it up. Pretty cool. Perique is like the tobasco of tobaccos. Oddly enough they are both aged in whisky barrels. This stuff is funky good. Spicey and fermented. I love OGS. But sometimes I like to sprinkle a little perique into my golden sliced. What a treat. BTW, this is how I realized that there is really no perique in OGS. Get some when you can.

Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
Candy for the non aro lover!!!
This is something special. Sure, it fits into the English/ Balkan category, but it's more than that. There is just enough mysterious sweetness in Bengal Slices to keep me out of those jars of gloopy sugar bomb aros that usually leave me wishing I had just gone with an English. Sweet, smokey and creamy with subtle anise. The room note is killer. I find myself puffing away in the basement, then taking a detour outside just to clear my nostrils so I can enjoy the room. Ok, I'm done gushing. Time to go fill my dog. Oh, and the flavor lasts the entire bowl.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
.....thank me later.
Make yourself some dark black coffee, pack a bowl of Plum Pudding, and thank me later. Not much else to add to describe how awesome this blend is. It's complex enough that, which pipe, how you pack it and your smoking technique will all likely give you your own version of bliss. This is a full flavored, beautifully smelling blend with awesome texture and mouthfeel. Nice creamy smoke. Pair it with really good coffee, and you're in for a treat.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Damn skippy!!!
Its all true. This stuff is awesome. If you're thinking this just floor sweepings you are wrong. I feel like I shouldn't give it too much play because I want to be the only guy that likes it. Yea, in my dreams. Get it while you can. It's a delicious adventure. Pretty Englishy. Different depending on where you grab from in the bag. I clearly see some top tier ingredients in this blend. Crumble cake, flakes, broken flakes, hunks of lati and dark fired. All floating in a sea of ribbons. I can't keep my nose out of the bag. So cool. I'm sure it might piss off some of the finese smokers out there. Not me. Its fun, cheap and damn good.

Cornell & Diehl - Black Cavendish
It really tied the room together...
Want to level up your home blending? Here's the key. While not required, black cav can really pull a blend together. This tobacco has a sweet, mild chocolate and coffee tin note. Moist but not too. When lit, you get nice creamy smoke and thats part of what makes all of the other constituent baccys play together nicely. This won't overpower your blend, but it will give it the power it needs. Get some to play with. Also not bad to smoke by itself once in a while. As has been said many times, it's a good idea to smoke blending tobaccos on their own.

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
Great for blending
If you're into blending you should smoke the components standalone. No brainer right? Izmir by itself isn't overly complex. I taste mild grassy sweetness, but to me it has more of a light pine or cedar flavor to it. Again the aroma has a cedar quality, very mild. I mix this with lati, golden Virginia and a pinch of black cav, and smile as I smoke my homespun baccy.

Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
Too bad its gone...
Sad to see you guys are discontinuing this one. Its pretty good. Its grown on me too. I like this for a change of pace from my usual English and Balkans. To be honest I wasn't blown away by it when I first tried it. So most of the tobacco lived in a mason jar for about 6 months. I know that's not long in the cellaring world, but it was enough to make it better to me. Some good earthy flavors, a little dark spicy fruit, with the bright Virginia poking through.

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Darn close to perfect
Honestly I wasn't too impressed when I cracked the tin. It smelled good but there was something a bit off on the smell. That odd sweet tin note is gone now, and this tobacco smells great in the tin. Now smoking it?..... Absolutely awesome. The room note is slightly sweet, smoky and incense. Taste is all of those too, a little spice in the background. I think the true secret to its awesomeness is the dark fired. Mmmm. Outstanding mouthfeel. I get huge chewy mouthfuls of white smoke. Burns nice and easy throughout the bowl. The cut is more random than just a ribbon. I'll be ordering again. And again.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake Plug 3.5oz
Dad's favorite
I was lucky enough to get some before it sold out. Mostly for my dad. He loves navy flakes. This is no exception. Just like MacB's regular navy but with a little more work on your end. Tastes like sweet virginias should. The room note is exceptional. Smells like someone is baking sweet toasty bread.

Stands & Pouches - Leather Pipe Stand
Pop a squat
This rest is great. Quality seems fine. Its simple, just plop your pipe down and it's not going anywhere. I have various sized pipes and they all fit. My large Moonshine Cannonball owns this seat though. Its a perfect fit. I am very careful how I set my pipes down. Some stands are easily knocked over or the pipe slips around in them. Not this bean bag looking rest. It's great. I'll be getting more of them.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Give it time.
I wasn't planning on reviewing this one. Thought everything had been said already. I said give it time. Do that a couple of ways. I haven't smoked this blend in several months so I dipped into it this morning for a change of pace from my usual English latapocalypse blends. I feel like it has matured a little and the flavors become more balanced. I don't detect the gooey sweet topping as much now. Not that it was over the top when I opened the tin. One reason I don't always care for aros is that the toppings tend to mask the tobacco flavor. Honestly, if you don't like the taste of tobacco, you might need a different hobby. I really start to enjoy this blend after the 1st 1/3 of the bowl. The topping eases back and there is a roasted sweetness that comes through. A nuttiness with a hint of light chocolate. Go easy on it though or you'll get that wet grass flavor. I'm glad I got another tin back when I did, I look forward to seeing what a year or more does to the flavor. Room note has been awesome throughout.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Perty good
I'm not really an aro guy. But they are nice once in a while. This one is pleasant without being over the top candy-like. Its got a nice subtle maple tin note. Room note is classic pipe tobacco that everyone loves. Not overly strong by any stretch, but a nice easy smoke when I want a break from my lat bombs. I'll keep some on hand.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Can I get more stars? How do I add to the other reviews? Quiet Nights is delicious. I have plenty of choices on my rack, plenty of favs, this is high on my list. I always try to have a tin in the locker so I'm never out. Smells great in the jar and even better when its burning. Smokey and sweet and a touch of inscence with the bready Virginia in there to round it out. It has a creamy mouthfeel. Burns great when I rub it out a bit. I took this blend on my last camping trip with a bunch of buddies. They all couldn't wait til it was time to wind down around the fire because they knew I would be breaking out my pipe.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Odin smokes this stuff!!!!
I arrive at the front door of Valhalla, ring the bell and Odin greets me at the door. Me: "So what is that you're smoking? It smells amazing." Odin: "Pirate Kake dude." Well of course I had to try it. Very delicious. Fear not the 75% lati for it is your friend. Upon opening I was greeted with the smell of a thousand campfires. I was almost tempted to take a big bite off the brownie. This stuff is delicious. Smooth and creamy smoke. Just rip off a hunk, rub it out and smoke yourself to contentment.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 100g
So effin good.... Update
Love that Virginia sweetness. This is a heavy hitter in my rotation. Perfect anytime. My go-to yardwork smoke. I always have it on hand. There seems to be some debate on whether or not its got perique. I think further into the bowl the perique pokes through a bit maybe. Perique or not, its a fine, delicious tobacco! Get some. Update.... Falling deeper in love with OGS. I'm really into English/ Balkan blends, but this stuff always satisfies. The sweet Virginia room note is half of why I smoke it. I have changed my mind and dont think there is any perique in it. And thats fine. Sometimes I sprinkle a little granulated perique in to spice things up.

Peterson - Nightcap 50g
I love this stuff. It's one of a few blends that is on my "don't run out of EVER" list. Delicious and well behaved. Smoke it all day. Get some, you won't be sorry.

Cornell & Diehl
Sun Bear Tupelo 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Anthology 1992-2022 2oz

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J4 - Burley

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Cornell & Diehl
Folklore 16oz

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Outlaw Grey (141) (9mm)

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Leather Sandblasted Pot Still

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Mac Baren
HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz

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American Estates
Moonshine Dark Smooth Patriot

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Cornell & Diehl
Eight State Burley 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Granulated Perique

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Rusticated Bent Apple Reverse Calabash

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Ruby Sandblasted Author

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503 Heavy English

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Dark Smooth Devil Dog

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Leather Sandblasted Cannonball

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Mac Baren
Navy Flake Plug 3.5oz

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Balkan II

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Cornell & Diehl
Latakia 2oz

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Dark Strong Kentucky 50g

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G. L. Pease
Quiet Nights 2oz

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Nightcap 50g

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Golden Sliced 100g

$30.10 $19.81
    All Pipes Considered: Moonshine Pipes
  • ► I have a leather sandblasted Cannonball that is an absolute beast. It's a fistfull of briar. The grain and texture are awesome. What a jaw hanger. I also just got a smooth Devil Dog. As a former Marine I couldn't resist. It's a stout pipe. Very easy to clench the saddle bit. I see it being one of my primary "doin' stuff" pipes due to its comfort and low profile. Both pipes are excellent quality fit and finish wise. They smoke nicely. I will get more from Moonshine for sure.
    All Pipes Considered: Moonshine Pot Still
  • ► I have a leather sandblasted Cannonball that is an absolute beast. It's a fistfull of briar. The grain and texture are awesome. What a jaw hanger. I also just got a smooth Devil Dog. As a former Marine I couldn't resist. It's a stout pipe. Very easy to clench the saddle bit. I see it being one of my primary "doin' stuff" pipes due to its comfort and low profile. Both pipes are excellent quality fit and finish wise. They smoke nicely. I will get more from Moonshine for sure.
    Eight State Burley: A Delectable Salute to the Burley Belt
  • ► For anyone actually interested in the blend, a truncated review:It's delicious. Somewhat sweet and earthy tin note, dark fruit. Smokes awesome. Mildly spicy. Dark cocoa and spices with dried dark fruit. I don't usually reach for burleys, but this blend is a winner. Try to catch it next time.
    Folklore: An Unsurpassed Virginia Blend Pressed into 16oz Bricks
  • ► @Charles, the bags were labeled xxx/1000. Got mine today.
  • ► Rest assured, limit of 1 this time. Got mine at midnight. Looking forward to tasting this blend. Thanks for the heads up Mr. Stanion.
  • ► I won't weight the actual reviews with nonsense. Bottom line: this isnt the first small batch release. You win some, you lose some. Figure out how to win more. Good luck.
  • ► @Shark.. Yes, go for the old boy. Definitely a nice tool for the kit. It helps give my relights more clout.
    Mystery Cigar Review: November 2022
  • ► @Eric- My guess is that YouTube isn't a very hospitable place for tobacco related material. Likely the same for other individual liberty based subjects.
    Mystery Tobacco Review: August 2021
  • ► Well done all around gents. As you've proven time and again, context plays a big role in things like this. A 4 way tie for the win! I can't wait to see what Sam has up his sleeve for his next stint as inquisitor. Thanks all.
    Mystery Tobacco Review: December 2021
  • ► You guys rock. Once again you show that the human aspect of pipe smoking is probably the most important part. And you do it in an entertaining, Everyman way. It all comes down to the individual palate. Thanks again.
    Mystery Tobacco Review: January 2022
  • ► Nice one guys. Pass vs. Fail? I'll say pass. You all come pretty close on most that you don't end up nailing. Fun to listen too. I just stumbled on a can of Balkan Sobranie at a local shop. I can't wait for the occasion to open it.
    Mystery Tobacco Review: March 2021
  • ► You the man Shane!! I like your style. Very knowledgeable and humble. All you guys are great. Keep these reviews coming. To Andy's point about not having access to these blends: I agree. Use these videos to learn and build your knowledge. Thanks guys.
    Sun Bear 2022: A Return to the Roots of Cornell & Diehl
  • ► Can't wait. The last iteration was top notch. Thanks in advance Jeremy.
  • ► @PD- I see you were inquiring about the actual honey used in production. Sorry for the misread. Good question.
  • ► @PD- You are commenting on an article that is posted on the website that will be selling (and shipping) the tobacco when it is available. See the article for that information. Good luck.
    Tasting Notes: Sillem's Red
  • ► Great review as always Shane. Invaluable tips and info for the new pipe smoker. I had a very similar path when I started- it's gotta taste like grampa's tobacco, cram it in tight, must make loads of smoke, etc.... After coming back and being an English and VA/per lover, my occasional delves into aros are much more enjoyable now. Thanks again!