Carl C.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 14oz
Pleasant but unexciting
The pouch note of this tobacco is a light smell of cocoa and a stronger smell of some type of alcohol, I can't discern whether it is rum or whisky. Smoking it though I can't taste the cocoa only the alcohol flavour, it's a bit one dimensional, you don't get different flavours as you continue to smoke, pretty much smokes the same way from start to finish and is pretty mild with the tobacco taste and the alcohol flavour is light. This tobacco stays lit better than any other tobacco that I have experienced, lights up easily and smokes more often than not with one or no relights. Overall a fairly decent blend especially considering the price.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular 16oz
Decent Aromatic
Mild tobacco with light medium strength added flavouring. The topping taste like dried fruit with chocolate and vanilla, I get a raisin taste from the fruity part of it. The added flavours do not overpower the smoke and it is best to smoke this in an unfiltered pipe as the taste is mild and with a filter it taste like slightly sweet tasting smoke that you won't get much flavour out of. With an unfiltered smoke you get a mild tobacco taste with a slightly stronger than light topping. Must smoke slowly or you will get some bite from it.

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