Dave A.

Drucquer & Sons - The Merry Monk 100g
Different style
This is not your grandpa's English. I wondered if the world needed another English blend to go with the other 400 out there already. The answer is yes. This is good stuff and different enough to find a spot in my rotation.

Low Country - Black 2oz
Nice smoke
Nice tin aroma of sweet smoky barbeque sauce. Once lit, the Virginia is running the show while the latakia provides a nice background smoky flavor and adds a little depth. Don't see why anyone wouldn't enjoy this. An easy alk day smoke.

Chonowitsch - T 17 50g
A nice everyday Scottish blend. A little sweet, A little smoky and a little spice. All the components show up and do their thing.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Classic English
In my opinion one of the top English blends. If I could only stock one this would be it. There are many fine English blends, but this stands out to me.

Cornell & Diehl - Junkyard Dawg 2oz
Great daily smoke
Great American blend. Only three components so easy to figure out what you are tasting. Not complicated but a solid everyday smoke when you just want to relax with a pipe.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz
This is simply terrific. Perfect flakes, easy to load and tastes great. My favorite tobacco. Always keep on hand.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
My rotation VA Per
This is my favorite VA Per and may be my favorite over all. I keep it rotation. Great presentation and fun to prepare. Takes a few delights if not careful but well worth the effort.

Wessex - Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut 50g
Tiny coins
A decent VaPer, but not my favorite. Got this quite a while back so it has some significant age to it. Upon opening noticed the paper over the tobacco was deeply stained. The coins are dark brown with hints of black. Easy to pack and light, stays lit, will bite if you work too hard. Pastry like sweetness from the VA, good steady spice note from the Per. I'm more of an Escudo fan but this is a decent smoke.

Esoterica - Margate 2oz
Got this a while back. My first English so nothing to compare it to. Like it a lot and could end up in rotation once I have some comparisons. Lots of different components all playing a role. Depending on the puff, can be sweet, tangy, spicy or smoky. Smoky wins out by the end of the bowl.

Artisan's Blend 50g

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