William K.

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
Interesting and enjoyable
I cellared a tin for a year and just decided to try it. The nicotine level is noticeably lower and has a touch more sweetness than I remember the fresh tin I had last year. I find the texture of the smoke to have more of a thick buttery richness on the tongue rather than light and creamy. Deeper flavours, but not overwhelmingly heavy. I can taste a hint of nutmeg that I also do in criollo leaf cigars. Perique seems far in the background. If perique wasn't on the discription I might not have noticed.

Sutliff - Balkan S Original Mix Match
Similar to White Knight
I seen on tobacco reviews that this is blended by Russ Ouellette who also blended White Knight. I tried both around the same time. I wouldn't be surprised if its the same recipe.

F & K - Sterling Balkan
Nice balkan
Very well balanced. I dont find either of the three components to outshine the other. Sweet and salty flavors, medium to full bodied, Smooth. Found the tobacco had a bit of moisture but easily smokable right away.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Creamy smoke
Mostly Virginia's and Orientals with minimal amount of latakia. I find the flavour to be creamy without any campfire taste. On the retrohale it tingles my nose. Brings to mind lemon zest. Gotten light tounge bite a few times after a few bowls. I still go back to it though.

Warped - The Red Hunt 2oz
Very enjoyable.
I agree with the reference to red velvet cake. If its a topping its lightly applied imo. Its a has a bit of a boozy stewed fruit smell when opening the tin. The bright and red Virginia's, and Orientals are noticeable. Bready, chocolaty, stewed fruit, spicy, slightly tart. I found a few months in a jar made the flavors more cohesive. The tin was around a month old when opening. I picked up extra to cellar. One of my favorite smokes this year.

Sutliff - Cringle Flake 2020 1.5oz
Great blend
I found the description to be accurate. I could taste stone fruit and sweet molasses. I found the vinager and strength to be a bit less than I anticipated, but I'm not upset about either of those things. Im happy with my purchase.

Brigade Campaign Dark Flake 50g

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