Tobacco Jars - Peterson Grafton Large Tobacco Jar
Very well made leather jar!!
Does exactly what it says and works almost as well as a mason jar! Very impressed and surely a go to travel jar. Love all my Peterson accessories! Love this leather jar!!

Stands & Pouches - Grafton Pipe Cleaner Holder
Great little accessory for my brushes. A classy storage tube for sure! Love it.

Filters & Adaptors - Savinelli 6mm Charcoal Filters (100 Count)
Darn near perfect!
The Savinelli balsa filters are getting hard to find so I wondered if they made charcoal filters like the Vauen filters. So I found these! They work perfectly in my 6mm pipes and yes, I found that they have a little more resistance in the draw but nothing too bad. Giving them 4.5 stars as my Vauen filters are much less restrictive but hey, I found these and will surely buy more in the future!

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 8oz
My go to & wife approved!
Absolutely great tobacco! Love the taste, always makes me want pancakes! Absolutely a joy to smoke. The best part, the wife likes the smell and she hates tobacco smoke. I always have a couple cans in hand! Must have for everyone!!

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 14oz
All around greatness
Great flavor, easy to smoke and room note subtle. I love the root beer taste and the ease of smoking. I always will have a jar of Mixture No 79 on hand!

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 14oz
Delightfully subtle
Bought this as just something different to try. I’m sure glad I did. I wasn’t even sure about the “free of bite” but it really is. I’d say this is an absolute must for beginners and old timers alike! Two thumbs up in this stuff, super glad I got the big 14oz size!!

Kira Sandblasted (530) (9mm)

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Piccolo (8105)

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No. 88 Maduro Sampler

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Churchwarden Brown Rusticated (313)

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Danish Estates
Winslow Crown Smooth Billiard (200)

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