Joshua B.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd 2oz
True to its Name
Billy Budd tobacco exhibits traits like the character it is named after. A handsome blend that is kind to all, gentle yet packs a punch. The tobacco stimulated each area of the tongue and for a smoker who blows plumes of smoke, like the funnel on a steamship, is surprisingly cool through the whole bowl. Definitely an everyday smoke.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
The Line is Broken.
When you smoke the same tobacco as your father and he smoked the same as his father and he smoked the same as his father, you are reminded of how strong a hold nostalgia has. When you smoke some HH Old Dark Fired, you apologize to your fathers and place nostalgia on the back burner to burn Old Dark Fired.

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