Ronald P.

Cornell & Diehl - Virginia Gentleman 2oz
Good basic smoke
This tobacco shows the importance of a master blender. Cornell and Diehl has blended Virginia, Burley and a little Turkish tobaccos in such a way that no one of the components overpower the other. It is a smooth smoke that doesn't offend the taste buds or the stomach. It is a little dry, but is ready to smoke right out of the tin. There is the normal amount of relights, but overall smokes evenly and not hot. This is a basic smoke. there is no toppings just the taste of the tobaccos. The room note is not exceptional, but also not unpleasant. For those that smoke all day, you wouldn't get tired of this one. This is mostly a Virginia smoke, but with a little extra character. The Burley shows up a little at the end and the Turkish can provide a little spicy zip to the tongue at times. A very good tobacco. Try it if you like a smoke without a lot of flavorings. This is a smoke for people who like the taste of tobacco. Recommended.

Captain Black - Dark 1.5oz
Tips for the Beginner
As a man who has smoked a pipe for 40 years, I have picked up a couple things that may be helpful to the beginner piper. First, pipe smoking is a personal thing that each person enjoys for different reasons and in different ways. You will read and watch all these well meaning reviewers tell you how to do this and how to do that, don't smoke this or do smoke that. You smoke what tastes good to you and smoke it whatever way you like. Our grandfathers smoked one pipe. They didn't rotate pipes or tobaccos. They smoked one or two brands because that was all that was available. Was their smoking experience less because they didn't do things "the right way." No, they enjoyed their pipe for a lifetime. Enjoy your pipe or pipes with whatever tobacco or tobaccos that you enjoy and in whatever way you like. Second, one of the best tips I ever got was to drink tonic water or a citrus drink while smoking. It cleans the mouth so you can enjoy every sip of the pipe. Third, you can't go wrong with smoking Captain Black blends. They have been around for a long time and taste just fine. They might not meet the criteria of some smokers, but once again if you smoke it and you like it, don't be afraid to buy it. I started out smoking Captain Black Gold many years ago and still smoke it along with other brands. You will find that Captain Black Dark is a nice smooth Black Cavendish that packs well, tastes good and will satisfy your smoking needs.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
A Good Inexpensive Smoke
Everybody has an idea of what they want of a pipe tobacco. I have been smoking a pipe for 40 years and smoked all kinds of pipe tobaccos. There are thousands of blends to satisfy whatever your taste buds desire. For me, I like to smoke a pipe with my morning coffee. I like my coffee to be dark roast with a smokey taste. My taste buds like Carter Hall because it mixes with the coffee flavor to give it an almost cocoa taste. I don't know if it is an all day tobacco because I don't smoke all day. I like a pipe with my coffee and in the evening. My evening pipe tobacco is different and may be an aromatic so that my wife can enjoy it too, but with my morning coffee Carter Hall is a good mix. I am not a Burley fan, but for this morning experience it does an admirable job. One last point, I have read some reviews that the reviewer seems ashamed that they like this inexpensive tobacco. Inexpensive does not have to mean bad. Carter Hall hasn't been around for 125 by being a bad product. Put your pride and ego on the shelf and enjoy Carter Hall with your morning coffee. I don't think you will be disappointed or ashamed.

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