Ryan C.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular 3.5oz
My Blend
I’ve been smoking a pipe for several months now, and have been buying and trying as many blends that I can afford to in search of “My Blend”. I enjoy VaPers, Burleys and even some mild English type blends. However, I was still searching for a blend that has a pleasant room note and still leaves me satisfied that I’m smoking actual tobacco rather than heavy flavoring and preservatives. That’s where I feel Mac Barens 7 Seas Regular hits the spot. It no doubt and aromatic but is in no way goopy, nor does it taste like hot air. The dark chocolate definitely comes to the forefront in this wonderfully mild blend. I also get kind of a caramel and almost coffee like taste. To my palate it’s like smoking a mildly sweet mocha. I normally smoke Missouri Meerschaum pipes of various sizes and it performs nicely in all. I smoke this blend all hours of the day and night and it satisfies each time. As a smokeless tobacco user for most of my life I’m not a light weight when it comes to nicotine, but I’m not really after a big nic hit when I smoke my pipe. I enjoy all the nostalgia that comes with smoking a pipe especially in the evening. Mac Barens 7 Seas Regular is the first blend I reach for. It’s nice because the flavor is there from beginning to the end of the bowl and I don’t really have to chase it to achieve that flavor. It’s not overly complicated, but in today’s crazy world that not a bad thing. Especially for this old Okie. SmokingPipes.com has great service with much appreciated tracking on my orders. So, if you’re like me and looking for “Your Blend” this 7 Seas Regular might just fit that bill. Happy Puffing my friends!

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