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Dan Tobacco - Hamborger Veermaster 50g
Hamburger Beermaster?
Good smooth VA flake, a little sweeter than most but not overly. The SP description says it comes as a broken flake but the flakes are more or less intact. Fold and stuff aficionados rejoice! Not sure if I've got some older stock but mine came out of the tin in a sort of crystalized block. Goes good with burgers and beer too, but then again what doesn't?

Amphora - Virginia Blend 1.75oz
Good OTC in Canada.
I bought a pouch of this from a tobacco shop recently to see me through to my next order, and it might be something I have to keep around. For one, this tobacco is usually available at most tobacco shops in Canada and it's priced a bit less than say, a tin of Mac Baren. This makes it easier to support local and doesn't hurt the wallet too much. It's also a great smoke! A simple blend of VA, pressed and cut into broken flakes. The strands are quite long and well compacted and rub out into a fine ribbon. It's not a complex tobacco, but it doesn't need to be. Straight up grassy sweetness with just a touch of tang is all you need from a Virginia and this delivers. Despite the lower cost, this is still a Mac Baren tobacco and should be thought of as such. A good OTC for Canadians who happen to find themselves in need of a quality smoke while they wait for their next shipment.

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
Nicely Balanced English.
This was my first order with this site, and it did not disappoint. I like latakia but sometimes I feel like it's latakia or bust. Either give me lots or none at all! This blend strikes a great balance. You definitely notice the latakia but it doesn't overpower at all. The other components add their own characteristic nuance and it all wraps up nicely in something you can smoke all day and not be bored. I ordered a four ounce bag and was sad when it was gone. I'll be setting aside a couple pipes for this blend, that's for sure. It comes at too good a price to ignore for a staple smoke!

Dan Tobacco
Hamborger Veermaster 50g

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No. 14 Virginia Flake 50g

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Cut Virginia Plug 50g

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523 Voodoo Queen

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