Benny D.

Cornell & Diehl - King Cake 2oz
Middle of the Road
This tobacco is ok. There are much better choices!

Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream 2oz
Not Bad for a Change
This tobacco is very wet so dry it before smoking. I found it to be a pleasant smoke with no bite. Smoke it slow and savor the various flavors. Several re-because of the moisture. I would recommend giving it a try if you enjoy aromatics.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
After reading all the reviews I decided to order a tin. I found it to smoke very hot compared to other English tobaccos with minimal flavor. I’m going to cellar it for a while and see if it gets any better. Much prefer EMP or 965z

Father Dempsey

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Newgrange Spigot (408) Fishtail

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