Donnie S.

Peter Stokkebye - PS306 English Oriental Supreme
I walked into my local B&M and asked to try a bulk English blend after trying three different aromatics my first time into the store, feeling that I was missing a lot that my pipe had to offer. I walked out with this after a recommendation from the tobacconist, and on the account that this was the only bulk English they had in stock. I smoked through that ounce and found an immediate connection with this beautiful blend. Spicy, smoky, and at times nuttiness and hay dance on the palate and shine upon the retrohale. It has kept me contemplating the flavors throughout the smoke each time I have sat down to a bowl. This blend has forever made me a fan of the English style, and I picture myself enjoying this blend for years to come. Smokes cool with little effort and ready to go right out of the bag. English Oriental Supreme did not disappoint this newbie on any level. I suggest grabbing an ounce or several with your next order. Happy piping all!

Balkan Supreme

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