Casey H.

La Palina - KB Part One
While I do enjoy a Robusto I have found my favorite size to be around a 40 gage and 4"-5" long. With larger ring gages being all the rage right now not many sticks fall in these parameters so when I find one that does that is also exceptionally good, it's definitely going on my favorites list and this is definitely one of them. A definitely buy again for me and recommendation for you

Luciano - The Dreamer Hermoso No. 4
This is another stick that goes on my "Damn That's Good" list. It lit and behaved excellent as well was the flavor. Will be a repeat for me and I definitely recommend you give it a try as well

Dapper - Siempre Rosado Robusto
From removing the wrapper to a nub in the ashtray pure excellence. From the cold draw to the lighting and the complete smoking time the performance was excellent, and the flavor, my goodness this is one of if not the best tasting cigars I've had the pleasure of smoking. I could be wrong but I would bet money that there is Perique in this cigar, but whatever it is IT'S DELICIOUS. If I could afford it this would be a cigar I would smoke everyday and I highly recommend you give it a try

Foundation Cigar Company - The Upsetters Small Axe
This is definitely one of my favorite cigars. When you unwrap the cigar and it smells similar to an Acid but when smoked the infused essences flavors are a lot more muted than an Acid letting a little more of the tobacco flavors to come through. Likewise the Upsetters either has no sweet cap or it is a very subtle one. Overall it's a smoke that for me was really enjoyable and one I will definitely be having again

Tatuaje - Reserva Petite
Man this is one of the most frustrating cigars I've had in the short time I've been trying cigars. I can honestly tell that if this cigar would just "pull", it would be a really good smoke but it's seriously TOO DAMN TIGHT!! It's like the roller focuses so hard on making the stick as beautifully rolled as they can, which it is I'll give them that, it "looks" beautiful, but give me a good pulling, ugly looking cigar over one that looks pretty but you bust a blood vessel in brain trying to get puff of smoke. A friendly piece of advice for the rollers, if it's something to be enjoyed from being LOOKED at, form comes first, but if it is something that is to be USED in some way to be enjoyed, than it is FUNCTION that must ALWAYS COME FIRST

Tatuaje - Petite
Becomes a very good smoke after the first 1/4-1/3 when it starts to open up because until then the draw is too tight like others have mentioned. As I said though once it does draw good it's IMHO a great smoke for the price, the flavor reminded me of the 36-38 gauge Diablitos from Punch. I would recommend these and will be getting more myself but would DEFINITELY like to see them try and fix the tightness of the draw cause it doesn't matter how great the leaves are or how pretty they look if the stick won't smoke

Dapper - Cubata Cru Shade Blimey
I really wish I knew all the eloquent words and tasting notes that I've read in product descriptions but I only recently started smoking cigars. What I can tell you is I was a few puffs into the smoke when I literally said "damn that's good" and it stayed that way until I could no longer comfortably hold and smoke the nub and that I will DEFINITELY be buying more and recommend you do the same.....wait, what am I saying, NO DON'T BUY THESE, FIND YOUR OWN FAVORITES

Punch - Miniatures (20 Pack)
Pretty damn good!
Small cigars can burn hot, but as a pipe smoker who enjoys Virginias, I have experience with tobaccos burning hot. If puff on these like a freight train they'll bite you, BUT, with a nice smooth even draw you'll be rewarded with a nice short and satisfying creamy with a hint pepper and a very subtle sweetness, smoking experience. Would definitely buy again and definitely recommend

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
Tale of two tobaccos
I have grown to love this blend. I switch between this and another blend made for the morning by another master blender, Russ Ouellette, but this isn't the other tobacco I mentioned in the title, both are Chelsea Morning. See if you pack this for the first pipe before leaving or on the way to work, you'll get a fantastic light to medium English perfect for the morning. It's when you light up a bowl on a weekend morning (or anytime of day honestly) when you take time and really taste this blend is when you will realize like I did that it is one of the most intriguing blends with a whole array of flavors that is just delicious for lack of more elegant words. The only problem I have with it is I guess because of the cut, kind of a broken flake, it can end up becoming a little powdery towards the bottom of the jar, almost like dumping out a cigarette, which in a pipe with no type of filter you can end with some flakes in your mouth but trust me DO NOT let that little nuisance keep from trying one of the best blends on the market today


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G. L. Pease
Windjammer 2oz

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Gawith Hoggarth & Co.
Kendal Flake

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La Palina
KB Part One

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The Dreamer Hermoso No. 4

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Silver Label - 660 100g

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Dan Tobacco
Patriot Flake 50g

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G. L. Pease
Chelsea Morning 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Bijou 2oz

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Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g

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