About Me:
I've been smoking a pipe off and on 4 to 5 bowls a day for 9 years

Stands & Pouches - Castleford Roll Up Pouch Plaid
Very well made
Nice roll up plenty of room for tobacco for those that are on the go and for the price point how can you go wrong

Old German Clay - Eagle's Talons with Copper
Great little pipe smaller than expected
Nice little pipe for trying new tobacco works well

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
Will be in my tobacco rotation
Received 2 ounces this morning I am trying to get away from heavy aromatics tried this for the first time ever and instantly fell in love exactly the type of taste flovar and experience I been looking for burns well almost no bite it's what I expect tobacco to be really well blended with almost nothing to interfere with the quality of the flavor of the tobacco I will be ordering more it's great!

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Very nice mellow smoke
Mellow smoke lights well tastes good and the wife likes the room note I get a smile win win

Holger Danske - Mango and Vanilla 50g
I forgot I had this one what a great idea
I bought this one four years ago moved to another town and forgot I had it I turned into a tobacco I can't leave alone it has been my go to I only have one problem I'm almost out !!

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