Nathan F.

Cornell & Diehl - Junkyard Dawg 2oz
Simply sublime!
I took a chance on this and boy did it pay off. This blend gets better every time I smoke it. Slight nutty flavor from the Burley a little sweet from the Virginia and that nice smoky leathery Latakia. Ready to smoke out if the tin with the perfect amount of moisture and very few relights. Wish it came in bigger tins or bulk.

Dan Tobacco - Salty Dogs 50g
If you like Virginia this is one tasty plug. Pack it loose and sip it. You do have to let it dry out a little to get a nice sweet smoke. If it wasn’t so expensive could definitely be my every day smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
Don’t get why everyone likes this so much. For me it just tastes bland and cigarette like.

John Aylesbury - Dragon Blend 100g
Mild aromatic. No tongue bite. Very smooth with a sweet finish.

Cornell & Diehl
Cross-Eyed Cricket 8oz

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Back Down South 2oz

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