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Back to pipes after a 40 year hiatus, still have a few of the pipes I smoked back then. Rebuilding my collection with estate pipes. Still learning.

Low Country - Rum
As stated by another reviewer, this was slightly damp on receipt, but 24 hours on my dresser with the bag open fixed that. The bag aroma was nice, not too harsh on the alcohol smell. Just a nice pleasant rum sweet note. After a couple of bowls, I cellared the rest for 30 days and was pleasantly surprised how the flavors had matured. This blend is a great first bowl early morning with a cup of coffee blend, yet it also pairs nicely with a rum and coke. Great for the price, I will buy more in the near future to cellar. No tongue bite, nice ash, good slow burn with no gurgling.

Daughters & Ryan - Picayune 40g
Guess we ain't in Kansas no more Toto! This is beyond a doubt the strongest tobacco blend that I ever put under a match. Stronger than bears breath, about as subtle as a digital prostate exam. I had to wait til my eyeballs quit swapping holes to find my laptop so I could write a review. The only thing for me to do is blend this 50/50 with a mild Virginia and cellar it for a while. Not something for the faint of heart or anyone with a queasy stomach. Unless I can tone it down quite a bit, I won't be buying more of this blend.

Sutliff - 203 Coffee
Let me commence by stating that Sir Stanion and I have at least one thing in common:dealing with the inconsistencies of the English language. I have purchased several different Sutliff blends and plan on trying more as time and budget allow. When I saw the blend name, COFFEE, my expectations were that it might be akin to Kahlua, perhaps have a flavor of some notoriously expensive niche market coffee, or some other superlative attribute. Herein lies my dilemma: due to my expectations in as much as I wanted more from this blend. I had no basis for this elevated expectation. The blend is named COFFEE and that is precisely what it is .Not espresso, cappuccino, or any other coffee variation or mutation.Just........COFFEE! Considering the fact that if you saw the word "cake" blend you might think of birthday cake, red velvet cake,chocolate cake, pound cake or any kind of cake chances are that you would not get what you had in mind. So the problem was my expectations, not what the tobacconist put together. The aroma when I opened the container was pleasant, the tobacco clean and free of stems and other unexpected bits of foreign objects and moist but not overly so. Packing my bowl went well, the charring light was a one match affair, and the room note was like having a pot of coffee brewing close by. I left the bowl for twenty minutes before lighting again, still a one match event. Having read the other reviews I knew to slow down and go steady ahead. With a few mid bowl tampings the burn was clean to the bottom with no bite or nasty gurgling sounds. Pairs well with a cup of joe, holds it own with a pint of stout, even plays nicely against a Kahlua and cream. So why the reason for the five star rating? Because it was exactly what it was supposed to be. Would that all things advertised were so dialed in to the name it bears. A vacuum cleaner can not clean a vacuum, and so on. See my problem now? I am responsible for my expectations whether realistic or not. Like Sir Stanion, I had a large quantity of pipe cleaners at the ready in case some hideous noise emanated from the innards of my pipe. I HATE noises from inside my pipe because they are the harbinger of horrible things that can happen and really mess up your otherwise pleasant smoke. Forgive me for being so long winded about this matter and thank you for any comments that you may wish to contribute.

Sutliff - Holiday Mixture
Better than most
I make it a point to try as many holiday blends as I can, and this is my first purchase of the Sutliff version. It won't be the last. All of the flavors are present as stated in the description but I find that it lacks enough of the sweet tones and bright flavors that I like in holiday blends. Very well composed, easy to pack and well mannered to the last puff in the bowl. Would have been 5 stars but for the elements I find lacking. It's 'definitely worth a try if you enjoy holiday blends.

Etudiant Sandblasted (J05)

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D64 Queen Anne's Revenge

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Spiced Rum

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Grand Croupier
Double Down

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Revelation Match

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203 Coffee

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Cornell & Diehl
Sweet English

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