Philip B.

Dan Tobacco - Sweet Vanilla Honeydew 50g
good smoke
mild and sweet, no bite....very good first smoke of the day

Lighters - John Aylesbury Brown Pipe Lighter
not so good
This lighter must have been a return. It arrived looking very "pocket worn" and the flint was ground down to almost paper thin. These also require special lighting instructions, which are NOT included. It took me half an hour to figure it out. Not happy with this purchase

Lighters - John Aylesbury Carbon Finish Pipe Lighter
Looks pretty good on line, but in person the design on the sides is not even metal, it's some kind of reflective printing on plastic insets that are glued to the sides of the lighter. Also couldn't get the flame to adjust much at all. Sent it back and S.P. said the lighter had "no issues", so someone else gets to buy it now.

Dan Tobacco - Sweet Vanilla Honeydew 50g
Cellared for 5 years
After 5 years, I opened up the tub it has been stored in, and the aroma is delightful. It was somewhat dry, so I placed some fresh thin sliced apple peel with a bit of apple flesh, and sealed it again for 2 weeks. Now it is perfectly moist but not at all a wet smoke. One of my all time favorite aromatics.

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