Savinelli - 140th Anniversary 100g
Better with age
As a gift, I was excited for this... with my new Savinelli pipe. Smoking it straight away, it was quite bitter and a little too tangy. I definitely got the wildflower essence, which isn't my favorite, and too much of the cigar leaf. I smoked probably 3 bowls before I shuffled it away for awhile, about a month in the tin. Then I put it in a jar and left it another month plus. One day I pouched a bit to take to work. I lit a bowl for the drive home and was amazed at the difference. Smoother, more balanced, less tang and bite but with more plain citrus flavor, and a still-noticeable but way better touch of that cigar leaf. Bottom line, age it awhile and let the flavors meld and mellow. (Aaaand I tried to 4 star this, but the page isn't letting me)

English Mixture 100g

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Light English 50g

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Royal Twist 3.5oz

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New Mix

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Father Dempsey

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HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed

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Elizabethan Mixture 50g

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    An Introduction to Cellaring Pipe Tobacco
  • ► I'm only 10 months into my "serious" pipe smoking, and have just begun cellaring some tobaccos. I was wondering about how to label everything in a clean manner...I bought some black chalkboard paint and a chalk marker. I coated the flat lids from my jars, and can write the particulars about the tobacco (brand, type, purchase and/ or store date) on the lid. It looks super clean on my rack, with all the tobacco prominently displayed but all the writing neatly up top. The black chalkboard paint is permanent, but the chalk marker wipes right off with a damp cloth, allowing me to relabel a jar at will. Thanks for all the great info here, I'm learning a lot!