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CAO - Moontrance 50g
Aro. Just good..
I' had this jarred away just over 2 years...to appreciate the flavors in this CAO like others,it must be slow cadenced..just above going out,..the blend also has a real tobacco umph...the flavor I get is bright fruit,vanilla...and does have that slight cigar taste,maybe a mental block...because I know CAO cigars...it does give me a slight tingle in the sinuses when puffed a little more aggressively..but it's a good tingle,not bite..nic hit is below medium,enjoyable..I think it is better after the 2 years I've had it..I think this is an aro worth trying and keeping around for variety.

Sutliff - 500 African Queen
light Oriental,aromatic
I've had about 2oz of AQ for over a year..because my tasting skills have improved,I enjoy and understand all of my blends much better now..the Burley and VA tobaccos are noticeable in this blend,with Oriental incense,eggyness aromatic very light vanilla-like taste mixed in there..no stickiness,presents slightly humid but does not clump..does remind me of an English without the Lat. smokiness...with slow cadence,the Oriental toastiness comes through in second half of the bowl...nic hit is barely noticeable,A good bridge for aro smokers who are moving to non-aro blends,,may also be a good mixer base for personal blends.. Recommended for variety of blends for your collection.

Sutliff - 19 Coconut Almond
Not bad,a good mixer
Alone,I didn't get much flavor other than very light coconut and slight nutty Burley..probably better when blending a personal light aro mix..low nic,but just noticeable..does have a good cut,burns well...good for variety in collection.

Sutliff - B36 Summer Night
Has to be a slow smoke
I smoke this very slowly,as all aros..must be slow to appreciate the flavor...cut is very irregular,mostly black..but can just make out the raspberry in this Cavendish...not a blend that can be smoked on the go i.m.o....my bag was moist a year ago,but jarred then..now is just right..no real nic...just a bit.... the bacco does have a slight toasted effect at halfway thru the bowl...overall ..a good variety choice for adding different flavors to my selection of blends...good to have,seldomly smoked,but enjoyable when Ioosely pack a bowl every few months...I'm gonna blend this with others to see what it can bring to a mix.

Daughters & Ryan - English Hoopla 50g
Wonderful D&R blend...
Ok...I know...for some reason many of us shy away from D&R....I was that way a year ago,but I purchased Ramback Gold...wasn't impressed at first,but then ..I got what this blender intended..maybe I was immature in my pipe hobby...I'm sure that was what was happening..recently got Ramback Balkan..instantly really liked it..a great VA and Oriental Balkan blend..didn't expect that I'd like it...now..English Hooplah..by far one of the best blends in my blend collection...a good medium blast of Latakia,hefty sour Orientals..sweet VA... anisette and light vanilla...they work great together..balanced..low nic hit,came perfect moisture in tin...all my D&R have been perfectly humidified...with minimal stems,they do have a very irregular cut...as I expected...but not nearly as dry as is known to be the norm for D&R...this is a really good one...definitely recommended.

Dunhill - Ready Rubbed 50g
Virginia pops in this one
The tin,now jarred is 2years old..at first I didn't get what other more experienced smokers were getting..most likely because I didn't have enough experience smoking a VA forward Oriental blend.but now I do get it...this is aged VA greatness with Burley and Oriental in back as supporting players..it's a slow sipper best kept barely lit and ssllooww cadenced...gives a great combination of sweet,toasty,nutty,slightly bready tastes that VA lovers will appreciate.The nic level is just enough to please...will definitely get hot if aggressively smoked,but then the sour and nutty will come easier to taste.Recommended...although now has greatly increased in price and is harder to aquire...I'm glad I got this one a year ago.

Sutliff - SPS-14 Majestic English
Good mid-range...
This is a blend that I collected over a year ago...still holding almost 2oz, jarred and shelved...the blend is a good mid level english..you won't get a blast of Lat. or any one of the tobaccos,as I feel that they are blended and playing together in this blend...a good choice for new English smokers,it allows a mellow non biting,cool smoky,sour and slight sweet,nutty experience..the nic hit is low,so won't in any way blow you away...overall a good choice as a blend to allow one to experience English blends,and the differing ranges of Lat. and Orientals..and how they can vary in intensity...recommended for sure..

Daughters & Ryan - Ramback Balkan
For Oriental fans...
I have only one other D&R blend,that is Ramback Gold...which honestly took me a while to appreciate...so I was a little iffy on ordering this after a year with that blend..however... If you are a piper who likes Oriental tobaccos and blends..this is going to be a winner for you,..as is the case with this type of blend,the Orientals are pronounced,mild and spicy...has that funky,slight sour incense-like quality that Orientals possess...the VA variety is noticeable,slightly toasted, bready...the leading taste though is all Oriental....my bag came to me lacking stems,and did have a rough cut,yes..but very manageable...the moisture was spot on..ready to be jarred.i have absolutely no qualms with the presentation,which I was very concerned about...my only other D&R did come more dry...and it was actually tinned...so on that ,I'm very pleased..this was a good choice for me to add to my cellar,as I am a big fan of Oriental leaf of all kinds.... Nic hit is low to medium low..not a blast,but definitely there to enjoy. This will be a great mixer with VAs, and Perique...I may try that some day but for now,I'm gonna keep this to enjoy over the next few years as a part of my rotation. Definitely recommended.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
PS does it again....
This twist flake is another PS high quality,dark,a little less sweet but full enough of VA flavor to impress those who like the spectrum of flavors from VA tobaccos...has that signature PS thing that I have come to enjoy...not a biter..gives a very slight tingle on the retro that is excellent...nic hit is pleasing,just enough to satisfy my nic jones...but not excessive...a good smoke to enjoy once or twice per week in my rotation...is gonna get better with age...that's for sure...definitely recommended.

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
First cube cut..excellent!
I can't say that I've smoked any PS blend that wasn't great..this follows suit ..the smell in bag is nutty/chocolate/vanilla...it is easily loaded,with a slight tamp...lights after a few flame kisses..burns well without coming out of the bowl as some have suggested..is a good slow sipping smoke with good Burley and that dark VA thing that I have come to expect from all of my PS blends...will burn a little warm if pushed,as is the case with VA containing tobaccos..nic hit is just below medium to me...this is great with coffee or a cool carbonated beverage...highly recommended to Burley fans who also like PS tobaccos. Update....this blends just gets better everytime I pick this for a smoke...40-45 minute burn is not uncommon in my medium but deep bowl....toasted,spice, Burley nuttiness and great VA running in and out through the bowl...excellent blend.

Amphora - Virginia 1.75oz
Good VA experience
This is a good mid level VA tobacco for VAlovers...this is a great learner straight VA..among one of my first forays into this type of smoke...must be shipped slowly,but will give a great,slightly tar,hay,DARKER straight VA taste..beware,will burn hot if not sipped slowly...great in both briar and MM cob...nic hit is medium to me...my pouch was a year old when opened...not quite as tame, mello, and sweet as C&D Opening Night,another BIG favorite VA...I'll purchase this again,as it offers a bit more umph,yet thouroughly enjoyable smoke.definitely recommended.

Cornell & Diehl - Opening Night 2oz
Deep tang and good bready
Purchased this one to expand my VA varieties,was not disappointed..after learning to smoke VA tobacco,which at first to me was always too hot,too bitey,now I slow cadence and have learned to taste the elements of good VA tobacco...this one is bready,oatey,slightly tangy..with a hint of clove...full of flavor...the nic hit is medium to me...will definitely let the piper know when to slow down a bit...it does burn fast if not packed correctly...try this one if you're a VA fan I'm sure you will find this blend very satifactory... Now..update..after a few more months,my jarred tin is almost gone..but will reorder this one... taste..is even more enjoyable,VA sweetness and full flavors,deep tang,rich bready,clove like tingly retro is from this top line straight VA...no other gives me this flavor.Excellent blend.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Red Virginia 1.5oz
Tart,deep tangy VA
This was the first VA only blend that I smoked...I purchased 2tins,jarred them for about a year and a half so far...in that time,it has become more tart,mellow,and deep brown grassy,hay,slightly bready..must be smoked slowly,as all my VA tobaccos must be smoked..but when cadenced,will reveal complex,long burning goodness..nic hit is low to medium...I like this as a once every few weeks morning smoke with sweet coffee...shows the big different flavors from different VA tobacco...still have 3 thick flakes (kakes)...will definitely age well,as it has shown over the last year and a half..a good investment for VA fans like me.

Sutliff - VIP Match
Good for slow relaxing...
Purchased 4oz many months ago,probably because I was intrigued by the description,and had never had anything with birch flavor...its been packed in jar for over a year,the jar note is kind of strong..kind of vanilla,a little maple-like,a little cocoa-like..I guess this is what birch is....anyhoo I smoke this slowly,seeking the essences in the smoke...it's toasty,close to a vanilla,but not quite...the smell on my porch is pleasant,and is in no way offensive..almost marshmallow toasty taste...sorry but that's the best way I can describe this one...i like that the tobacco tastes are very evident...more Cavendish/Burley forward too...nic hit is there..just enough to let the piper know it is there..,I like to slow puff this with good retrohales...gives enough umph to please me and not offensive to my wife when she's near...different,but still recommended for those like me who enjoy variety in their 'bacco collection.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuskegee Airman 2oz
Surefire 5star blend
I picked up this tin many months ago and wasn't sure how I would like it after the first bowl.. after months of being packed away on the back of a shelf this tobacco is excellent in its current state. It still has that deep earthy nutty sweet BBQ essence about it.. all of these tastes translate directly into each bowl at it is being smoked.. this blend is in no way overpowering and all the different tastes meld together quite perfectly... I've gained quite a bit of smoking experience so maybe it's just my increased tolerance for nicotine that makes this blend a perfect balance with slight nose and mouth tingle..there is a savory essence to this tobacco while smoking that I've come to enjoy from the best of my non aro blends that have Oriental/Latakia as components. Definitely worth a try for those who are ready to experience a more advanced and mature smokers' blend. Ordered 2 more tins to age....looking forward to this taste again in the future.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Aromatic with umph..
I opened my tin back in December of last year..at that time it was two years old..since then I have only smoked about 3 bowls..it was perfectly pipe ready..still very sweet,aromatic..I definitely enjoy the VA,and nutty Burley...the aro casing/topping is to me,cream,I thought I tasted a fruity taste,sometime coconutty in this one too, does not overpower the tobacco taste...,the blend has some umph in it's character.when smoked a bit faster....I like it.but I prefer slow smoking for flavors to be there.nic is noticeable.low..this is a very good slow smoke..lots of flavor...

Sutliff - SPS-2003 Strawberry Delight
Surisingly good...
I've had this blend for about a year...is still great moisture,slow smoking,very blended VA,Burley,very clear in blend..but very aromatic strawberry...has aged well..seems to have melded much more...

Sutliff - J12 - Chocolate Truffle
5 star chocolate mellow
2 years later and I'm still smoking this .. the first tobacco I ever smoked..still holding 3oz....this is by far the smoothest chocolate flavor in any other blend I've tried...very slow burning,no bite,or tingle..just thick creamy sweet VA/Burley taste that isn't any way overpowerd by the choc.. almond topping/casing..still has perfect moisture from being tightly sealed all this time...low nic..but just noticeable...definitely recommended

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
Not what I expected
Initially I thought this was more of an aromatic tobacco blend..that was quickly corrected when smoked..I had this one ,in package unopened for about 8months before finally opening the pouch......i didn't notice the chocolate essence until about half way through the bowl...this is a medium, Burley,VA, and slightly more Oriental tasting blend to me...isn't at all harsh,but is spicy,nutty and very slightly grassy and toasty..no aro essence of flavor jumps out,but just a very good tobacco rich tasting smoke..a great choice for a bit more umph that is more complex than many pipers may expect..nic hit is closer to midway between low and medium..overall though,is enjoyable and great with my morning coffee..

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Was VERY moist,but then
About a year ago I bought 8 oz of this very very moist blend..the aroma was extreme,buttery,deep vanilla... In all honesty I did not care for this blend at first..was too bitey,wet...but after all these months in a large jar,it has lost most of its moisture,and only requires a little drying time before loosely packing..a slow smoke reveals toasty,slightly sour,buttery goodness...no nic hit is noticeable,and the room note is excellent,light,non lingering,and spouse approved...a very good choice for a smoke that is absolutely aromatic..I can just make out the VA tobacco giving a little tang in the last half of the bowl...to me it's not chemical or unpleasant in any way...this is a good starter smoke for newbies,and other pipers once the art of slow sipping is better managed...gives a long smoke...maybe because of the moisture or topping,but a good,solid,medium bodied vanilla aro. Also,if mixed with a straight Latakia,will create an EXCELLENT home blend.

Lane Limited - TK-6
Good Cherry Blend
I've tried other tinned cherry blends...as well as bulk..and now TK 6 will be a favored bulk..the flavor is good through the bowl,not overpowering,but a good,light,low nic,slow smoking blend I'll keep in rotation for when I want a change of pace from my stronger non aros..overall a great,house tolorable smoke..recommended for pipers who like a lighter,high qualty cherry tasting smoke.

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
One of my BEST
This is one of the first 3 tobaccos that I've ever smoked..it holds a place in my favorite 3 aromatics ever..it is subtle dark cherry and vanilla,has a touch of dark chocolate taste too...now this is very moist...I always unjar (almost 1and a half year),enough for a couple of bowls.and dry at least an hour..but by then,its perfect....lights easily,and gives a great,slow,deep flavorful smoke,and allows the tobacco taste to come through..no nic hit is noticeable,but flavor hit is high...with proper cadence,this does not burn hot,no tounge bite at all...I still have about 4ounces,well packed in a tight jar...boy this one is a winner! Not at all as intense as Cult BRM,definitely more complex,and i.m.o. more interesting,as it tones down the strong cherry blast of Cult...very highly recommended.

Daughters & Ryan - Ramback Gold 16oz
After 1.5 years
Stuck this one away when I first got it because I thought it was awful..but after my tasting developed,now I get it...VA sweetness slight oatey,and Turkish sour and incense..,comes dry like D&R blends always are..no topping flavors...I don't think this is like cigarettes either..way more tasty,aftertaste,etc..it does burn quickly,maybe I'll try packing a little differently next bowl..I still have almost a whole tin jarred away,I like this one too...great taste of differences in types of tobaccos..to learn how they taste and blend.Recommended smoke for variety smokers' shelves.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
For Burley Fans!
Blend is perfect smoking dry in bag,bulk..but I come to expect that from C&D blends..has a slight,very slight chocolate,vanilla,nutty,slight sweet VA,taste with Perique mouth and nose tickle,but in a good way..this is a slow smoke,and will give the smoker a nic hit,just at the medium level if smoked a little aggressively.Not to be shyed away from if proper cadence is used...does have an interesting room note,doesn't seem to be "cigarette like" at all to my tastes or senses.

Cornell & Diehl - Oriental Silk 2oz
Silk...with nice bite
It took me well over a year- to understand this blend.or maybe that's how long it took for my tastes to mature enough to enjoy this blend...has that sweet,spicy,sour,slight eggy thing that is all Oriental in nature..but has a pleasing throat and nose tingle especially on retrohaling .I like this blend now..but it came to me slowly... definitely recommended.

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 1.5oz
Oddly different
I noticed many pipers look down upon this blend and refer to it as an OTC.. some say it has a soapy or perfumey taste..one thing for sure..it's been around a long time..it's hard to describe the taste... licorice,vanilla,minty,a hint of Lakeland,root beer,...but still Burley and Virginia evident too...nic hit is low,but noticeable..it will burn hot if not dried just right or pushed hard..mine has been jarred for about a year,so it is perfect...a good blend for Burley fans,regardless of being trashed by many....

Sutliff - 212 - Burley Delight
Satisfying Burley
Just enough of a Burly slightly sour kick and sweet Virginia in the background..has a slight throat and nose tingle..but in the good way that a blend with a little umph does..nic hit is noticeable,but not too much..a good Burley blend with a touch of chocolate...for real Burley fan pipers.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake 2oz
Tangy,sour,VA tingle
I have a tin of this tobacco from the mid 2019 release. Since that time I've only smoked about 4 bowls from that tin.. this is a far more robust red Virginia than I notice in other C&D blends, this one is very complex and has a medium amount of nose and mouth tingle...later down the bowl,it takes on a more bready essence,yet the sour and tangy still lingers..it is a good smoke for more experienced pipers..nic hit is medium...I recommend this one for pipers who wish to explore the true nature of VA tobaccos and how varied they tend to behave.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Absolutely one of the best..
No wonder this flake gets such great reviews,..I've tried it rubbed out and just fold and stuff method...wow,either way,this blend is excellent..bready,dark plummy,perfect VA/Per. much better than all others I've tried,never burns hot,never harsh,always smooth,with just enough nic hit to satisfy all nic jones,and excellent price...highly recommend to pipers who like this type of blend.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
The bag note of this blend does have a chocolate smokey smell...and same deep rich English essence..very thin ribbons cut..it is Latakia heavy.but other Orientals hang along sour,perfumey.. I really like this one..nic hit medium...I bet this will age well....definitely recommended.

Solani - X - Sweet Mystery 50g
Now a favorite!
I bought this blend well over a year ago and let it sit only because it was out of sight and mind...my mistakes..it is ,like others have said,very aromatic,fruity..but this blend still stays tobacco forward..I can very clearly pick out the VA tobacco,which to me is the best aspect of the blend..gives a nice little VA nose tingle and aro flavor all the way through the smoke..this is a slow smoke,as is the case with most aromatic VA containing blends,that slow cadence will reward the piper with an excellent blend..nic hit is low/medium low..Tin total age 3 years(jarred 1year)

Ashton - Guilty Pleasure 50g
After many months jarred..
I got this during my early months of enjoying piping...left it jarred away over a year,As time has shown,tastes are very individual in nature...and if I had just believed many reviews,I wouldn't have believed how much I enjoy this blend..it is very aromatic in tin and pipe,but smoked it slowly and the VA and Burley taste is out front,complimented by the flavor of the blend..it is a slow smoke,and did not bite me..nic hit is there,but low..I really enjoy and recommend this aro for enjoyers of aro smoke

Sutliff - Barbados Plantation 1.5oz
Took a while,but then..
This was a very moist tobacco when first opened..but the tin note was great...deep,dark,rum and vanilla,and a little nuttiness,all translate to the smoking experience..is was very moist,but that was easily resolved by simply leaving it in the can on my shelf...after about a month,the overly moist tobaccos came to a nice humidity,ready to smoke SLOWLY,for enjoyment...I really like these blend,very good rummy and vanilla nuttiness..no nic hit..I'd recommend this for aro. variety...great price too.

Sutliff - 523 Voodoo Queen
Spicy smoke
I've seen this referred to as an English I guess because of the Latakia..it is surely there full bowl ,but to me,the Perique is this blend's most notable attribute,spicy,pruney,and just a bit of nose and mouth tingle..the VA is bready and noticeable,as is the Burley adding nutty tastes..for me this has low/medium nic hit...I really like this one though..it is a blend I like a few times per month for a reminder of why I like Perique...definitely worth a try for a Perique fan.

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
Definitely worth five stars
I've had this blend for over a year now.it was one of my first aro/English blends,was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't sure if I liked Latakia, this was easily resolved within a few bowls.. this blend it's not overpowering, the Latakia is not a blast to the senses.. the addition of a light topping of vanilla brings out the sweetness and to me compliments the sweetness and smokiness of the Latakia.This cool burning blend is nutty,Virginia sweet, and has just enough sour and tangy notes to keep me very interested throughout the bowl.while smoking it eventually gives a really toasty flavor to the overall blend. This to me is a good all day smoke, and I would imagine that anyone who likes Latakia blends would really enjoy this one as well..I still have about 6 ounces, and with my rate of smoking this should last at least another half a year.by then I'm sure it will have blossomed into an even better blend. Nic hit is between low and medium,definitely recommended.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
I got one!
Looking at all of the reviews from many respected pipers,I was eager to get my tin,I'll not crack my tin open for a few months,but as noted by others is already well aged,dark,and rewarding..an indication of this blends popularity is..it was all sold out EVERYWHERE online within 24 hours of its availability..my tin will live among my many other C&D blends,awaiting its opening and enjoyment..if you missed it ,I'm so sorry,hoping will be available once again next summer2021.

Cornell & Diehl - Shandygaff
Mellow,but with an edge
To my tastes,this is another C&D hit! Comes a little dry and ready to smoke, burns a little fast..but rewards the piper with great Burley,Oriental,and Perique ripe dark fruit,slight nose tingle.When slow smoked I can pick out the faint gingerbread cookies taste,buttery,after a couple of bowls,there is a slightly noticeable essence of salt marsh,maybe I was looking for that..nic hit is just above low,not a nic blast,but noticeable like with all my C&D tobaccos...not an aromatic,as the components are all there for the taste...I got a hefty 2 ounces,probably seems more because of the low humidity of the blend,and the cut...ready to smoke right from the bulk bag. This is a welcome addition to my collection,and will age well I'm sure.

Sutliff - Match Late Evening
If you like sweet,smoky,sour,
I haven't smoked Nightcap,I've heard that this blend is more subdued,I really enjoy this one,bought half a pound about a year ago,and is a little more mellow,but still plenty smoky,sweet,savory,sour,tangy..good dark sweet notes,not overpowering at all,cool burning,no bite at all...just rich smoky sweet sour taste..this is the blend that got me into English blends...try this,..not at all a brute,nic hit is to me a step below medium,but not to be feared..very enjoyable smoke.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Another PS hit!
Got this to experience another PS flake,since I really like the navy flake and twist flake,this is a real treat also,still a little young it seems,but for sure,this VA/Per with Cavendish lives up to its reputation,grassy,bready,plummy,raisiny with a small amount of tingle,just enough nic hit to please...already wonderful but will be greater with age. a great choice for those who enjoy good,solid VA/Per blends.

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
Definitely worth the hype
I bought a second tin of this after having the first tin jarred and shelved for a year,yes it is just that good.very much like PS LNF,but just a slight bit smoother,very slight sour cocoa taste too..this is a great slow smoke,excellent Virginia, Perique,and Burley..expertly blended...just right N content..worth a try if you enjoy VaPer blends...

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
Blown away Burley!
Got more to top off previous order,this blend IS as great as my fellow pipers indicate..a definite advanced smokers delight,powerful dark rich deep fired Burley,nic hit is definitely noticeable,I smoke this one,and quench my pipe jones for many hours afterwards..burns slow,thick heady smoke,strong but no bite at all when smoked slowly..the rich Burley and dark tasting Virginias play very well in this classic blend..no wonder it is enjoyed by so many..

Planta - Anno MMXII (Ripe Marula Fruit)
Fruit,very flavorful
Tried this to widen my varieties in my cellar..found it to be very enjoyable,a slow smoke yeilds mild sweetness of casing does NOT overpower the fine tobaccos used..I find this nutty,sweet,toasty,with Burley and Virginias,with the slight sour/sweet marula..a first experience for me,but I really enjoy this blend..a great slow smoke to be enjoyed relaxed..My first Planta blend. Update:...I've had a chance to let this sit for a few months...very good still fruity,but not overpowering...beware..this does smoke HOT...I'm used to slow smoking..and this blend does require a very slow cadence..but overall..good tobacco flavor,with fruity essence....low nic hit.

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers 2oz
.slight enjoyable fruit
Very good slight fruit that doesn't mask tobacco taste...another reason why I like C&D....

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