Justin B.

Sutliff - Uno 50g
New favorite Blend
Sorry to any of you lazy Pipe smokers that put off ordering this incredible blend.as a South Louisiana pipe smoker its strange to say the only thing I'd change would be to cut the St. James Pereque slightly. With that being said this is my favorite blend I've ever smoked and look forward to trying the next blend in this line.

Savinelli - Essenza Cipriota 100g
Incredible hidden gym
As one who prefers the Dark fired Kentucky's and heavy perique blends along with cigar leaf i am for some reason surprised every time I light a bowl of this fine tobacco up. On paper I would hate everything about the blend but in reality it may be one of my favorites. This blend is picked about one a week and the same feeling hits me every time why don't I smoke you every day. I just ordered a few more just to make sure I'll be able to enjoy it for month to come.