Carl K.

Cobblestone - Brick Burley Plug 1.75oz
Full flavored and well balanced. A top 10 for me.

Ashton - Gold Rush 50g
Really Good
There are bad Virginias and great Virginias, this is a really good Virginia. It smokes easily and will surprise you with a rich fruit flavor in the second half of the bowl. I reach for this when I want any easy smoking Virginia that I don't need to rub out. Much better than similarly priced American Virginias.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Really solid Virginia
Great grass and hay flavor, easy to smoke, by far my favorite anytime Virginia. I stopped at four stars because I haven't coaxed much complexity of it, but I'm buying a half pound more.

Rattray's - Bagpiper's Dream 100g
One of my go to holiday blends
A very well done aromatic. I don't smoke a lot of them. I reserve this for the holidays. Has a hint of cherry to me.

Sillem's - Mayor 1814 Flake 50g
Very nice tobacco
One of the few my wife likes the smell of... If you like Erinmore Flake, you'll like this.

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