Jimmie G.

Cornell & Diehl - Kajun Kake 8oz
Its good..
Pretty good vaper. I enjoyed the spiceyness.. def a good smoke to enjoy a quiet evening..

Cornell & Diehl - Exhausted Rooster 2oz
The bur va per mix is nice. Was a tastey treat clear thru this tin... will get more..

Dan Tobacco - Devil's Holiday 50g
Its good
Definitely worth a shot.. Grab a tin on ur next order.. wont be disappointed

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 16oz
New to the pipe world.. at it for only 3 months...usually I lean towards va/per blends... I found this to be delicious... i enjoy the smooth taste...after a 1.75 tin for a sample.. next order its gonna have to be a pd... yumm!! Thanks smokingpipes.. I can't wait to try this with some age on it...

Mac Baren
7 Seas Royal 3.5oz

$19.35 $14.93

Mac Baren
HH Burley Flake 16oz

$110.35 $80.69