Jason F.

Sutliff - SPS-2000 Sunset Rum
Love sunset rum!
Just smoke it....the rum flavor is intoxicating

Lane Limited - LL-7
Love LL-7
LL-7 is a great aromatic, with the great scents of vanilla, chocolate and toasted marshmallow. I like to mix LL-7 with Lane's RLP-6 and 1Q....very tasty!!

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap
Nice cherry blend
Tobacco galleria night cap is a nice tobacco with some cherry added, it's no cult blood red moon, but some like a great tobacco with only subtle flavoring and that's what this is, very equivalent to sutliff's black cordial, but I personally think black cordial has a little more cherry flavor to it...both are great!

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
Good cherry blend
Not as strong as cult blood red moon in cherry flavor, but it is definitely a great tobacco with a nice hint of cherry, it's like sutliffs tobacco galleria night cap but more cherry flavor both very tasty!

Lane Limited - RLP-6
Good Stuff!
Burns great and tastes awesome, hints of vanilla and chocolate for sure! The tin note though reminds me of the milk left over after eating Coco puffs cereal... chocolate cereal milk!

Dan Tobacco
Devil's Holiday 50g

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Lane Limited

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Lane Limited

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Blood Red Moon 50g

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Eileen's Dream 50g

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