Dillon B.

Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 100g
Bright, Homey and Balanced
Wow, what a blend, in honour of my "Loyalist" mindset surrounding the Monarchy and UK (I'm Canadian) I bought this blend along with a Barling, Trafalgar, Fossil, 1818. The combination I find pays an excellent Homage to Admiral Nelsons death as he heard the news of his decisive victory over the French. This Blend is bright and optimistic colour, that is match made to the exterior packaging. I have made mind that every time I begin to pack my pipe it seems instinctual to take notice of the brilliant aroma and feeling the feeling of warmth that emanates from the tin. Flavourful with a balance of light spice and subtle sweetness that accompanies the light Virginia's and Perique, The Latakia is perfectly balanced for my palette. The smoke is creamy and thick but doesn’t taste heavy, the flavour seems dull around the mid bowl as the room note peaks which is good to promote a break in thinking to converse with those near me, afterwards I find it hints more at the spicy flavouring from the perique towards the final third of my bowl. This Blend is a standard daily choice for me now. After 7ish bowls over a week and the slow breaking in of the new pipe accompanying it I can say that this is an excellent blend and worthy a dedicated pipe. I look forward to reviewing Blairgowrie soon. Cheers to my Fellow man

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